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How do I speak to someone at Avianca?

How do I speak to someone at Avianca Airlines?

Avianca always provides the best services to their passengers and offers various facilities to their customers in terms of flights. Many passengers reserve their flight seats with Avianca and get a convenient flight journey. You can get all the services at Avianca's official website and get assistance from the customer service team. To speak with the customer representative, Avianca provides you with many modes which save more time and connect you quickly. To get detailed information about all the modes, you can read further and get how do i speak with someone at Avianca airlines.

Get connect on call:

The very first mode to reach the customer representative is the phone call. You need to perform the below steps to make a phone call to them:

  1. You need to open the official website of Avianca airlines and go to their contact us section.
  2. You will see the different ways to connect with the representative, choose the phone call option and get a suitable phone number .
  3. Once you dial the given toll-free phone number 1 (800) 284-2622, you need to follow the computerized voice so that you will get the representative as per your situation.
  • For language selection, dial 1
  • To get detailed information about the current reservation, dial 2
  • To make a reservation of the flight, dial 3
  • For cancellation or changes in the flight, dial 4
  • To get information related to baggage requirements, dial 5
  • To check the current status of the refund, dial 6
  • For any other general enquiries, dial 7
  • To speak with the live agent, dial *, and automated voice will connect your call to the desired representative. You need to ask them for various information of Avianca flights.

How do you call avianca in  colombia?

If you would like to call Avianca in Colombia, please call on +57 3114006797 and contact the Avianca customer service live person in Colombia.

Avianca Colombia phone numbers

Avianca Barranquilla phone number    60 5 330-2030
Avianca Bogota phone number    60 1 401-3434
Avianca Cali phone number    60 2 321-3434
Delayed, lost, or damaged baggage  01 800 095 8722 
Avianca Medellin phone number      60 4 444-3434
Avianca Colombia Toll Free number    018000-953-434

Connect on chat:

  • To get the solution quickly, you can start a chat with the live person and discuss the problem with them.
  • You need to open the Avianca airlines official website and navigate to the contact us section to get assistance.
  • At their, open the live chat option, and a live chat box will open at the right corner of the screen.
  • You can choose your topic or write in the chatbox. Once you send the message, a virtual agent will actively reply to you with the solution.
  • It is the most convenient method as you can converse with the representative anytime because they are 24 hours available for help.

Connect on email:

Connecting on email is also the suitable mode as you need to compose a mail of your problem and send it to the customer representative. With this, you can take many flight-related details on Avianca airlines. Once they receive your request, reach you within some time and give you the possible solution.

Connect on social media:

 You can also follow the social media pages of Avianca airlines and get assistance easily. You can take the official handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter from the Avianca website. With you will get the answer to the question, how do I speak to someone at Avianca airlines and get the suitable phone number from the social pages also. Social media is 24/7 available to provide assistance.

Avianca International Phone Number 

Are you wanna contact Avianca Airlines international, check the phone number information below and connect with an Avianca customer service person globally.

Avianca USA Phone Number 1 (800) 284-2622/ 1-802-400-2642
Avianca Alemania Phone Number +49 0 89 552 533 57
Avianca Aruba Phone Number +2975837788
Avianca Australia Phone Number (+61) 2 8248-0020
Avianca Belgica Phone Number (+32)(2) 735-8348
Avianca Colombia Phone Number +57 3114006797
Avianca Corea del Sur Phone Number (+822) 3178876
Avianca Costa Rica Phone Number +50622539232
Avianca Ecuador Phone Number (+593)(5) 252-6797
Avianca El Salvador Phone Number (+503) 2267-8222
Avianca Guatemala Phone Number +50222798222
Avianca México Phone Number (+52)(55) 14072271
Avianca Republica Dominicana Phone Number +18097327740
Avianca Singapur Phone Number (+65) 934-4382
Avianca Taiwan Phone Number (+886) (2) 25675578
Avianca Uruguay Phone Number (+598)(2) 628-1234

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