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Why is Avianca so cheap?

Why is Avianca so cheap? Get all the information you need to know

If you plan to travel to Columbia and look for some good airline options, you can undoubtedly go ahead with Avianca. Aviana has recently changed to low-cost airlines and is trying to provide the best services at an affordable price. If you wonder why is Avianca so cheap? The airline has dropped the idea of competing with premium and high-class airlines in Latin America. It is cheap because somewhere, it leaves behind the quality of service, comfort, and vogue of its aircraft, for which it is known all over the continent, hence making price its priority.

However, the airlines ensure that their customer's service number 1-802-400-2642 get the best prices and services through various ways like using coupons, vouchers, discounts, etc. You can also use several mediums discussed below to get lower and best prices.

What are the several ways to get cheaper prices with Avianca Airlines?

Here are some best mediums that you can go through before booking flights with Avianca. Going through these, you will realize that Avianca is a low-cost carrier and offers low prices to its travellers.

Visit the website frequently:-

The airline keeps on updating new deals and offers on its websites. So before you book your flight, ensure to visit the deals and offer sections of the airline. No doubt, you have several options to become lucky.

Use promo codes:-

Wherever you book the flight, don't forget to use your promo codes. You get the option to use the promo code while booking a flight. After you apply it, you get the list of flights with discounted tickets; you can then choose the best of them and save your money.

Use the discount vouchers:-

Most of the time, airlines send us vouchers on our registered account and email. You can log in to your account and go through the email to find out the airline's voucher. Once you get it, you can use the voucher code on the payment page to save your hard-earned money.

Subscribe to the Newsletter /Emailer:-

When you subscribe to the newsletter and emailer of an airline, the airline keeps on sending you price alerts and discounted offers. All you have to do is use them while booking your flight.

Speak to the sales department/contact center:-

You can also speak to the sales team of Avianca airlines to know about the latest deals and offers. Most of the time, you come across such deals which are not public.

Book early:-

If you have enough time to fly, book your flight in advance. The tickets are much cheaper when you book early than booking at the last minute. Booking early, you also have time to make changes if required later.

Best time to book:-

It has been seen that the tickets booked early morning are cheaper than booking throughout the day. Also, avoid booking flights at festivals or during holidays. Besides, book your flight during weekdays like on Tuesday and Wednesday, the ticket prices during weekdays are cheaper than on weekends, which is a holiday for most people.

So going through these, you must be aware of why the Avianca airline is cheap and the tips you can use to make it further cheaper. However, if you wonder, is Avianca a low-cost carrier? The answer is, yes, it is a low-cost carrier now. You can justify the statement by going through the information above.

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