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How To Make A Group Booking With Emirates Airlines ?

How To Make A Group Booking With Emirates Airlines?

Emirates Airlines makes you eligible to book your flight ticket on its official booking website when you travel with nine or fewer passengers in your group. But if you have at least ten or more passengers in your group making a holiday, you must choose group booking and travel together in Economy, Business, or First class on a typical flight. So, if you want to fly with Emirates Group travel, you contact a travel agent, get the lowest flight deals, and purchase a single flight ticket for all passengers in a group.

Why Choose Emirates Airlines?

When you make a business trip or family vacation or are willing to travel with a large number of your friends to your destination, book your flight as a group travel on Emirates Airlines. It allows you to request your group booking in various ways and prepare it for several other benefits. Hence, if you want to know why Emirates Airlines is chosen for group booking, get the appropriate details below.

  • Emirates spans six continents and provides flight booking services to over 140 destinations worldwide.
  • It has covered your flight journey to various international destinations, whether you fly to the Middle East, Asia, Africa, or the Indian Ocean.
  • When you get the Emirates travel group booking service, it personalized your holidays to fascinating destinations.
  • Get group booking support service at every step until you complete your flight journey with your group in a plane safely.
  • You will enjoy incredible savings while traveling with a group booking and get significant facilities and services at the exact cost.
  • Get the confirmed seat when completing the group booking with Emirates Airlines without completing a full payment.
  • When purchasing a group booking with Emirates, you will receive a flexible flight ticket to change your passenger’s name and select your seat until the flight departure time.    

Key Features of Emirates Airlines Group Booking:

You must be introduced to the key features of Emirates Airlines group booking and make your flight journey convenient with your group passengers easily. Get the appropriate details about it below.

  • Traveling with a group booking provides guaranteed flexible terms and conditions depending on the contract condition.  
  • You get the facility to cancel at least 10 to 20% of the number of confirmed seats without paying any charges, which you can do within six weeks before flight departure.
  • You will enjoy your group booking service for domestic, regional, and international air transportation services.
  • With a group booking, get extra care at the airport for advance check-in, pre-arranged seating arrangements, online check-in, etc.
  • When you are on board as a group booking, you will enjoy more benefits such as sitting or sitting with your passengers.

Making a Group Reservation with Emirates Airlines:

If you want to travel with at least ten passengers, you make a group reservation with Emirates Airlines. It provides an online contact form to request a group booking quickly. To make a group reservation with Emirates Airlines, start with the steps below.

  • First, visit the booking website of Emirates Airlines and go to the booking page where you need to search for the group booking.
  • You will access the group booking directly, enter the personal and contact details, select your destination, and choose the passenger’s details.
  • Enter the description for special service requirements, provide details for your group booking requirements, and click the confirm button.
  • Click the submit form, send your group booking request, wait for a quote message on your phone or email, and get a link to confirm your group reservation with Emirates.

Contact a travel agent for group booking:

You also get the phone call service and dial booking phone number +1-802-400-2642 to make a group booking easily. It provides you with an email service to request a group booking at and reserve your group booking flight quickly.

Ensuring a Smooth Group Travel Experience:

When flying with Emirates Airlines group travel, you will experience smooth group booking services as pointed out below.

  • Plan your group travel within three to six months in advance.
  • You must agree with the group travel itinerary and schedule services.
  • You should understand the group and accommodate many unforeseen changes in the group itinerary.
  • You must be mindful of individual preferences and offer a mixture of group activities and free time to accommodate.
  • Keep your essential gadgets with you and make your group booking more comfortable and secure quickly.

What in-flight support can my group expect from Emirates Airlines?

When you plan your group travel with Emirates, you will get significant in-flight services and facilities to make the trip convenient. Check out the list below if you want to get in-flight support from Emirates group booking.

  • Air catering,
  • First-class lounges,
  • In-flight entertainment,
  • Get your dietary meal,
  • The group’s language,
  • Celebratory beverage. 
  • Sit together as a group and so on.

Is post-travel assistance available with Emirates Customer Service?

Yes, Emirates customer service provides post-travel assistance, including airport pickups, accommodation arrangements, insurance support, medical provisions, etc.    

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