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Avianca airlines group booking

Key benefits of Avianca Airlines group booking

Avianca airlines allow you to travel in groups and make your journey memorable, as traveling in groups gives you thrill and enjoyment. You can travel with more than 10 passengers in the group with Avianca airlines and reserve your seat. Therefore, before Avianca Airlines group booking, you can read some benefits of traveling in a group which is mentioned below:

1. Specially modified fares:

You can quote your own fare in group traveling at 1-802-400-2642, and Avianca Airlines will provide you best for your travel. You need to provide the details of the passenger and destination in the form and send it to the customer service team. They will revert you with a low price for your travel.

2. Special check-in facility:

You will get a special check-in lane at the airport for your group to get the boarding pass. This will save your precious time and give you more accessibility to board the flight.

3. Select the favorite seat for the group:

As per the Avianca seat map, you can select the seat as per your choice for the group and travel comfortably. You will get a separate space for your group so that you can enjoy your journey. Apart from this, you will also get the first priority to de-board the flight at your location.

4. In-flight food and entertainment:

You can also choose the meal and drinks of your choice on the flight for the group. Avianca airlines also allow you to watch movies, listen to songs, etc., on the flight so that you can enjoy your journey. After understanding the above benefits, you can contact the customer service team of Avianca airlines and tell them your requirements. They will provide you with an Avianca airlines group booking discount for your preferred location. You can get the different contact ways in their contact section.

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