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How do I change my Avianca flight?

How Much Does it Cost to Change a Flight on Avianca?

Travel plans often change due to varied specific reasons, and when things come to travel via air, it becomes an irritating task because booking a new flight cost higher. But if you are flying with Avianca Airlines and already booked your flight with Aviance, you can change your flight date as it allows the passengers to change their travel date as per the prescribed policy of flight date changing. It is always better to know how much does it cost to change a flight date with Avianca that can help to save the charges you will spend on the flight date change.

Flight change Policy and Cost of Avianca

  • If you make changes in your Avianca reservations within 24 hours of booking, then you will be able to change your flight free of cost.
  • If you change your Avianca flight after 24 hours, then you will have to pay the flight date change charges.
  • Flight date change charges start from $75, mainly depending on the duration of flight date-changing and the type of ticket.
  • If there is any delay in your booked flight, then you can also change your flight date without any fee.

The process to Change a Flight Date with Avianca

  • Go to the official Avianca website through your preferred browser on a phone 1-802-400-2642 or computer.
  • You can click on the option Manage Booking available at the top of the screen.
  • Now you need to enter your last name and booking number.
  • After that, click on the Continue tab.
  • Choose the flight that you wish to change with the departure date.
  • Now search for the new date flight by entering the required details.
  • Select a flight on your selected date from the list of available flights.
  • You need to pay the fare difference and the applicable fee to change your Avianca Airlines flight.

You can quickly change your flight date with the above-described Avianca Airlines change flight policy and process. But if you still need help regarding the flight date change cost or other queries, then you should communicate with the customer service team of Avianca Airlines for immediate assistance.

How many times can you change your flight Avianca?

Flights have to be a book in advance to avoid non-availability at the last moment. However, there is always a possibility of changing the plans. How many times can you change your flight with Avianca? Do passengers have to pay extra charges to change the date and time? If these are your doubts, continue to read all the information that you are required below.

Can I change my Avianca flight? 

Yes, flyers can change their flight, date, time, and destination based on their suitability anytime before the scheduled flight's departure. Passengers can change their flight as many times as they need, however, they have to pay the fee and fare difference (if any applied). Generally, the cost is $25- $150, depending on the class and time.

How can passengers change their flights? 

Passengers can change the date/ time or destination online, by phone, or at the airport. You can choose any mode that suits you best. For online, one has to visit the official website and follow the steps:

  • Click "Manage your booking."
  • Enter details like booking reference and last name.
  • Select the change flight.
  • Now you can change the flight. Passengers can contact the airline at +1 800-722-8222. Visit for more details.
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