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Why are Spirit Airlines Flights so Expensive?

Why are Spirit Airlines Flights so Expensive?

Spirit airlines offer cost-effective fares to passengers and yet is considered an expensive airline because of multiple reasons. We are going to have a look at the things that make traveling on Spirit airlines expensive. So follow this snippet until the end to find out Why are Spirit Airlines Flights so Expensive?

Spirit airlines offer the lowest base fare possible to passengers, however, the fare does not include any other services like baggage, meals, etc. Passengers have to purchase these as extras and thus have to pay some extra dollars that eventually add to the base fare and the overall ticket price increases. 

Travel demand. 

Another factor that affects the cost of the flight is the travel demand. The principle of proportion plays a vital role here thus the more demand the more it will cost. Demand fluctuates the overall cost of a good, material, thing, commodity, or service. 

What can you do? 

There are things that passengers can do in order to eliminate the extra cost and get a fair price for their Spirit airlines reservations. 

  • Look for advance booking options. 

Travelers are able to save extra on their flight reservations if they are able to make advance flight bookings. The prices are generally lower when booked at least 150 days in advance for flying to their desired destination.

  • Use miles and frequent flyer options. 

Consumers are able to save some dollars if they are ready to use their collected miles and frequent flyer status option at Spirit airlines. One can contact the reservations department to redeem the points for flight reservations or can do so themselves online by visiting

  • Purchase baggage while booking. 

The baggage option is available online while flight reservations are going on. People can select their baggage requirement and can pay for it. Doing it later may cost you some extra dollars and may not be cost-effective at all. 

  • Make bookings during the odd hours. 

Save some extra dollars by booking during the odd hours to grab effective discounts for flights. You can travel late at night or early in the morning to save your hard-earned money as far as Spirit reservations are concerned. 

  • Try connecting flights. 

It is better to book connecting flights for your entire travel journey as people are able to save some more while reserving connecting flights. Spirit airlines offer the cheapest connecting flights that are better than reserving expensive direct flights for your journey.

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