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What happens if my KLM flight is Cancelled?

What happens if my KLM flight is Cancelled?

There are certain circumstances due to which KLM airlines cancel flights. In such situations, KLM airline allows passengers to book a flight before and after 30 days of their actual travel date. KLM airlines ensure that passengers have a good travel experience; there are times when the airline fails to fly on the booked date. In such cases, passengers must know about the KLM airlines flight cancellation policy, which is highlighted below.

KLM flight cancellation policy

  • If your flight has been canceled by KLM airlines, then they are some certain rules and conditions applied on the ticket that are given down below:
  • Passengers can change their travel date before and after 30 days at no extra cost as per the KLM airlines cancellation policy. However, if you exceed booking the flight after the given period, you may pay the fare difference value.
  • If your flight was canceled on KLM airlines' behalf, you are eligible to rebook your flight to another destination at no extra cost.
  • All the new flight bookings are subject to availability with the KLM airlines.
  • If you wish to cancel your flight that has been already canceled by the airlines, you can claim the refund in the form of a travel voucher valid for one year.
  • Passengers can apply for the travel voucher through the official website of Kerala airlines and call centers of official KLM airlines customer service.
  • The travel vouchers can be e converted into refunds.

Why is KLM canceling flights?

There could be e various reasons why your flights are getting canceled on behalf of KLM airlines. The reasons could be due to the health concerns of passengers as per the current covered scenario that has affected all of us globally, or it could be because of some unavoidable urgencies. In such cases, passengers who suffer from the loss of getting their flight canceled will be informed beforehand from the KLM airlines officials so that you have the chance to rebook your flight to another date. 

How much does it cost KLM to cancel the flight?

Passengers who travel with KLM airlines must know that there is no extra fee charged on the booking that is withdrawn within the 24-hour risk-free cancellation period of the KLM airlines. However, if you fail to cancel your KLM airlines flight within a 24 hour Grace period, a fee of USD 100 to USD 400 will be imposed as per the rules and conditions of KLM airline's cancellation policy. Passengers can request the cancellation through the official website or with the help of the customer service executive of KLM airlines. The cost of your canceled reservation with KLM airlines depends on the parameters such as cancellation time, time left in departure, ticket type, route, ticket condition, and cabin.

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