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Southwest Airlines Pet Policy

Southwest Airlines Pet Policy

Travelling abroad during holidays or staycation or for some official work might sound interesting to you. And at the same time, it is depressing as travelling means leaving your favorite and captivating cute creature back at home. But what if we say that Southwest airlines have such facility which allows the passengers to bring pets along according to Southwest Airlines Pet Policy. Yes, you read that right, Southwest airlines is also affectionate to pets and will be pleased to serve them. But it also has certain rules and regulations for passengers with pets called Southwest Airlines Pet Policy. So, before booking the flight with them, one must go through the Southwest Airlines Pet Policy.


  • To start with, first of all, while travelling with your pet it should have done full medical tests and documents for the same should be presented at the airport.
  • According to the Southwest airlines pet policy, the passengers are allowed to take cats, dogs and domestic birds along with them.
  • But, no such pets are allowed on any international flight which is a long-haul flight.
  • Southwest airline is restricted to a certain number 1-802-400-2642of pets to be taken on the same flight hence it serves on first come and first served basis.
  • Also, Southwest Airline does not permit pets travelling without a companion or will not be allowed to travel with unaccompanied travel.


Southwest Airlines Pet Policy in Cabin

Pets in the Cabin

The officials at Southwest airline allows only small pets to be taken on the cabin accroding to Southwest Airlines Pet Policy in Cabin. And each passenger is allowed to take only one pet carrier on board. And the pet on board should not weigh more than 25 pounds. Southwest airline does not allow snub-nosed pets like the American terrier, pit bulls etc.

Pets as carry on

The first thing that pushes your pet to be considered as a carry-on is that if they are fitted into the carrier. And this carrier is considered as the carry-on and can be adjusted on board if it comes under the allowed pet with a suitable weight. And this carrier may contain up to 2 cats or 2 dogs in the same carriage as mentioned Southwest Airlines Pet Policy.

Southwest Airlines Pet Policy Cargo

Pets in the Cargo

When the pet weighs more than the allowed weight on board then it is considered as a cargo and is made to travel along with the luggage as Southwest Airlines Pet Policy Cargo. The pet might become restless when made to travel in the luggage crate hence they may be given such sedative which keeps them hydrated and relaxed.

The passengers for any further issue may get in touch with customer support of Southwest Airlines for Southwest Airlines Pet Policy.

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