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How to reschedule an Air France flight?

How to reschedule an Air France flight?

Travelers who have reservations with Air France want to change in Flight to reschedule for medical reasons or other valid reasons. Customers have to follow a small process to reschedule the Flight online.

  • Kindly visit the Air France official website, which is
  • You can scroll the webpage, click Manage my trip, and enter the required information like PNR number or last name mentioned on the itinerary.
  • The screen will display the booking details and show Change or cancel icon.
  • Click on Change, edit the required changes, and proceed with further payment.
  • You will receive a confirmation over the valid email address.

Can we reschedule the flight ticket for Air France?

Passengers can reschedule the Air France Flight ticket via the official app or website directly in Manage Bookings. If you are having difficulty processing a reschedule, travelers can speak to the Air France Customer service representative. Dial customer service at 1800-237-2787 / 1-802-400-2642 to talk to them, and you should follow small IVR instructions carefully to get connected with them. Please wait for 2-3 minutes and share the relevant itinerary details to update the new required changes.

How can I reschedule my Air France flight without paying?

Air France Airlines have followed a few terms and conditions for changing policy. Suppose you want to reschedule the Flight without paying any extra charges. If you are looking for How can I reschedule my Air France flight without paying, Passengers must check the mentioned points before applying for Change described below.

  • Change should be updated within 24 hours of booking to avoid extra charges.
  • Passengers can change the reservation date but not the destination or route. You must pay the extra charges if you want to change the destination.
  • If customers have Trip Cancellation Insurance, no extra charges will apply to Change in Flight.
  • Passengers who want to change to the existing reservation on the same day of departure penalty will be charged as per the changes.
  • Travelers can change Air France Flight many times without paying extra charges on the same day of booking.
  • Air France will charge $75 for domestic Flights or $400 for International flights.
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