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How to book Lufthansa flight tickets with miles?

How to book Lufthansa flight tickets with miles?

If you have earned miles with Lufthansa from your previous trips and want to redeem it, you can book your new flight ticket using the miles. Are you aware of how to buy a ticket with miles on Lufthansa? If not, here is a guide to book your ticket using the miles. Go through with the procedure and redeem the miles you have earned with your numerous trips.

Steps to Book Lufthansa Flight Ticket with Miles Online:

  • Head to the homepage of Lufthansa Airlines on your browser,
  • Make sure to check in with your Lufthansa Miles account on the website,
  • Then on the homepage, select the Booking tab,
  • Put your requirements for your flight in the columns,
  • Then hit the search button to obtain the available flight list,
  • View the available flights and choose the most suitable one to book,
  • Then you will direct to the passenger details page,
  • Add the details required for the flight booking,
  • Then add any additional service you want,
  • Skip or go through with the seat selection process,
  • Then you will be directed to the payment page,
  • You have to opt for the “Add Miles” option,
  • The flight fare amount will be compensated as per the available miles, 
  • Then you have to make payment of the remaining amount,
  • And with the successful transaction, your Lufthansa flight will be booked. 

How to buy a ticket with miles on Lufthansa?

This is a very convenient procedure for travelers to redeem their miles for buying a flight ticket. If you have trouble with the online procedure and wonder how to book Lufthansa flight tickets with miles now, you can take help from a human representative. Below you will find the process for contacting and taking help from the human representative. 

The process to Book Lufthansa Flight Using Miles Contacting a Representative:

  • Dial the customer care number of Lufthansa: 1800-102-5838 or 1-802-400-2642,
  • Connect with the representative by choosing the assigned key,
  • After connecting with the representative, ask for a booking using miles,
  • The representative will obtain the required details from you,
  • Share all your requirements and then select a flight to book,
  • The human representative will use your miles for the purchase,
  • And after that, your booking will be confirmed at Lufthansa, and your miles will be redeemed successfully. 
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