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How long is the hold time for WestJet?

How long is the hold time for WestJet?

Travelers who use WestJet flights to reach their destinations are often confused about the ways to reach the airlines to get the solution to their flight's related issues. 

If you are thinking, How long is the hold time for WestJet? Then the answer is provided below. Generally, the hold time of the airline depends upon the mode of communication chosen by the customers to reach them. In the forthcoming section detailed description of the various available mediums, along with their hold times, is given. 

Is there a hold time for Westjet?

Yes, WestJet Airlines Provides Hold time, you can Hold the Fare and then pay the full fare on or by dialing the Phone Number  1-888-937-8538 or 1-802-400-2642  at any time prior to the end of the hold period ( you must wait only 3 minutes and 48 seconds) Hold the Fare is available for eligible reservations booked through

How do I get a hold of WestJet?

 To reach the airlines via phone call, alternative customers are required to dial the official number 1 (888) 937-8538. Now, if you want to know “How do I get a hold of WestJet?”  to get in contact with the representative by this option, the answer is approximately 3-4 minutes. If even after that, your call doesn’t get connected to the corresponding person, then you can request a callback by choosing a number from the presented menu. 

Via live chat: If you are in need to get in touch with WestJet as soon as possible to get assistance, then you must use the live chat option. As the hold time for this method is minimum. You will get reverted, barely wasting any time. The virtual assistant is available 24/7 to help the customers with the finest possible solution. 

By sending an email: If during your journey with WestJet, you come across an unpleasant situation that needs to be told to the airline, then you must use the formal method of communication to reach the airline. To use this approach, they need to fill in all the mandatory fields of the contact form. Also, you must provide WestJet with relevant documents of your journey to verify your issue and give a description of your problem in the space provided. Finally, after reviewing the form carefully, you must press the submit button. After sending an email, you will be reverted with a solution within 7-10 business days. 

 The hold time of WestJet depends on the approach you select to reach them. If you want an instant solution, then you must use live chat or social media else; you can contact them via phone or email. 

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