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How far in advance should I arrive for a Southwest flight?

How far in advance should I arrive for the Southwest flight?

If you have a booking with Southwest Airlines and you don't wish to miss your flight, arrive early at the airport. If you doubt how far in advance should I arrive for a Southwest flight? It is around 2 hours in advance for your domestic flight and 3 hours in advance for your international flight. Besides, the passengers must reach the airport on time for several reasons discussed below.

Why you should arrive early at the airport for your Southwest flight?


If you have flight during peak hours with high traffic, you should reach the airport before the recommended time. It is also observed that the routes to the airport are usually very busy and have high traffic. To avoid such a situation, you should always keep a buffer.

Security Check:

A security check at the airport could take hours if the passenger volume is more than expected. The security check in such a situation may take more than usual. So it is recommended that you arrive at the airport on time to avoid the last-minute hassle.

Time for yourself:

In case you arrive at the recommended time at the airport, your journey will be hustle free. Once you have passed all the security and other checks on time, you will get a lot of time for yourself, which you can use to enjoy the airport lounge and other facilities.

Get Your Preferred Seats:

If you arrive at the airport on time, you can get your preferred seats, or if you are lucky, you can also get a free upgrade. Southwest sometimes gives its customers a free upgrade or their choice of seats to those passengers who have requested earlier for the same.

By reading the information above, you must have gotten the answer for how early should I get to the airport Southwest 2022. If you still need additional information or need to clear some doubts, speak to Southwest Airlines directly.

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