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How far in advance can you book Air Canada?

How far in advance can you book Air Canada?

Suppose you are willing to travel on Air Canada and book tickets at a fair price; then the query of How far in advance can you book Air Canada ticket to avail the options that will be suitable to your budget and travel dates. The answer to this query would be an Air Canada ticket can be booked 355 days from the date of travel. After you finalize the month and date of the travel, immediately book the tickets to get a good deal. So if you want to book a ticket at a reasonable price, follow the ways given below:

 If you are not comfortable with online booking and need assistance, please call Air Canada customer service and get help making the reservations. To connect with Air Canada customer service:

  • Dial 1-888-247-2262 or 1-802-400-2642.
  • Press the IVR number to talk to someone at Air Canada
  • Provide your travel itinerary to the person
  • Choose from the given flight options
  • Furnish identity documents for verifications
  • Make payments 
  • Get booking details in the end from Air Canada customer service.

How far in advance does Air Canada Release flights?

Online booking of tickets: To book Air Canada tickets online, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the official webpage of Air Canada
  • Click on ‘Book’
  • Select “Flight’ from the option
  • Choose your trip
  • Enter the necessary details of origin and departure
  • Choose the flight from the given option
  • Make the payments 
  • Complete the booking process
  • Get instant confirmation and the booking details on your mail id and contact number.

  Tickets centers: You can also book tickets from authorized ticket centers of Air Canada starting from 355 days till your actual travel date.

 Does Air Canada Booking Flights in Advance Save You Money?

Booking an Air Canada flight in advance will help you save money in addition to other benefits, as the further you book the ticket in advance from the actual travel date, the more discount you get on the fare. Booking advanced tickets always proves to be pocket friendly for customers.

Benefits of booking in advance:

Advance booking of tickets has several benefits, of which a few are enlisted below:

  • Numerous flight options: You will get many flight options with different times and ticket fares to choose from.
  • Get low fares: As you are booking in advance, the ticket prices will be considerably low.
  • You may get extra benefits for choosing your preferable seats on the flight without paying extra charges.
  • Because you are booking in advance and the prices will be fair, you can book your tickets for an upgraded class to enjoy the premium services of Air Canada.
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