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How do you get through to Vistara airlines?

How do you get through to Vistara airlines?

Vistara is an India-based airline that helps people travel to different countries and cities as per their choice. If you want to get the information on the flight or need any, you can contact customer service, and the representative will help you. If you have questions about how do you get through to Vistara airlines, there are a few ways, and the process is not complicated. 

Several ways to get through from Vistara Airlines

 A phone call is the quickest method to get through to Vistara Airlines. You can directly ask the representative and get an immediate response. Here are the steps to speak with someone through a phone call:

  • Call on the Vistara airline phone number (9289 22 8888) or 1-802-400-2642.
  • Select the service of your choice from the IVR menu.
  • Press the button that connects your call to the representative.
  • Ask your question, and the representative will provide the answer.

How do I talk to someone at Vistara Airlines Executive?

if you wish to talk with someone at the Vistara Airlines customer service team, these will be the options:

  • Phone Call
  • Online Chat
  • Social Media Service
  • Email Assistance

You can use any of these options and get answers to your major queries. The Vistara customer service experts will also ensure the perfect flight ever with the airline.

Via Live chat - You can also get through to someone at the airline through the live chat option, which is available on the website. Use the below instructions to use the live chat option:

  • Open the official website “” or the mobile app.
  • Select the “Contact us” button.
  • Click on the “Chat with us” option from the menu.
  • Choose the topic in which you need help.
  • Tap on the “Chat with the executive” option.
  • Then, you will get through to the customer service executive at Vistara Airlines.

Via Social media - If none of the above methods gets you to customer service, then no problem, as you can also contact the airline by sending a message on their social media account. Vistara is active on many social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can write your message and send it directly to their account using these links:

Email: In that case, you can send an email to the Vistara Airlines official representative. Just find out the airline’s official mailing address and send it to your booking experts

  • you can reach out to the customer relations department through
  • For sales-related inquiries, here are the emails
  • East:
  • West:
  • North:
  • South:

If you have read this information, you must have gotten the idea of how do I talk to someone at Vistara airlines, and if you need further assistance, you can visit the airline website and use the other methods to get through to some from Vistara Airlines.

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