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How do I Select Seats on Qatar Airways?

How do I Select Seats on Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways is one of the luxurious airlines owned by the state and is Qatar's carrier flag bearer airline. It is rated five stars for its top-class products and services. It provides exceptionally comfortable seats for its passengers. You must take the necessary earlier steps to select a seat of your choice for a memorable and comfortable journey. To know how can I Skip Seat Selection Fees on Qatar Airways, go through the required information given in the content below: 

There are various several ways through which you can get to select sets for your trip on Qatar Airways. The process through which you can choose your seats is as follows: 

  1. Jump into the official website of Qatar
  2. Click on the My Trips section on the official webpage. 
  3. Then, enter the booking reference and last name of the passenger. 
  4. You would be retrieved your booking details. 
  5. On the booking summary page, go to the change drop-down and click on the seat selection option. 
  6. You will then be directed to the seat selection process. Follow the on-screen instructions and choose a preferred seat. 

How can I choose my seat number on Qatar Airways?

You can go through the check-in procedure to select a seat. To understand the check-in process, you can follow the steps that are mentioned below: 

  • To check in, get retrieved to your booking. 
  • On the booking summary, choose the web check-in option. 
  • Then, it will take you to the seat map. 
  • Choose a seat of your preference and click on Proceed. 
  • Now, make the payment if required and confirm the seat selection.  

How can I Skip Seat Selection Fees on Qatar Airways?

The passengers can have a fare change to make their seat selection without paying any charges for the same. 

  • Qatar allows the passengers to select their Standard seat free of charge if they are traveling in Economy class.
  • The passengers can make the selection of their seat anytime after the booking of their flight ticket. The additional charges will only apply if the passengers ask for extra legroom space. 
  • However, if the passengers are traveling with economy classics, they must pay the seat selection charges. 
  • The passengers are also allowed to make the seat selection of their flight ticket at the time of online check-in, that is, 48 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • You may choose to visit the official website or even call the customer service team at 1 (877) 777-2827 or  1-802-400-2642 to get help in the seat selection process.  
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