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How do I reschedule my British Airways flight? 

How do I reschedule my British Airways flight? 

If your plan to fly on a particular date has changed with British Airways, then you can reschedule your flight. Rescheduling means you can change your date, destination, or flight. It is well understood that people may need to reschedule their flight with respect to their changing situations. Hence they have formulated several ways using which you can reschedule your flight bookings. Here are these methods that have been explained in detail; choose the one suitable for you.

Reschedule flight online

You can reschedule your flight bookings in a very smooth manner online. This way is convenient as you reschedule on your own according to your needs  1-802-400-2642. You need not go anywhere only to have a better internet connection to your device and start following the given steps:

  • Go to the official website of British Airways
  • Then you can tap the Manage Booking tab on the home page
  • Here you need to fill in the ticket number 
  • Choose the flight you want to reschedule
  • Here you can make changes 
  • And hit the submit button
  • Pay the price and checkout
  • You will receive a confirmation and boarding pass

Reschedule through a Phone Call

You can easily reschedule your flight bookings by making a phone call at the customer service number 1 (800) 247-9297 or  1-802-400-2642. You need to dial this number on your device and make a phone call. Follow the IVR as follows to reschedule your flight.

  • Press 1 to make new bookings. 
  • Press 2 to know the flight status.
  • You can press 3 to reschedule your flight reservation.
  • Or you may press the # key to talk with a live executive with whom you can discuss rescheduling your flight bookings. You need to tell the executive that you need to reschedule the reservation. Your concern will be processed to book a rescheduled flight for you.

Through Airport

You can go to the nearby airport and reschedule your flight by going to the booking window. The executive there will help make changes to your bookings, so your flight will be rescheduled. You will have to fill in with authentic details of your booking. Submit the form back to the booking window executive. Within some minutes, you will be able to reschedule your booking.

Can I reschedule my already booked flight to British Airways?

Yes, you can reschedule your already booked flight. You can make a phone call to the customer service number of Airways or reach the nearby airport. Airways has given this opportunity to all its customers that if their plans change, they book a new flight by rescheduling the flight bookings.

How much does it cost to reschedule a British Airways flight?

No standard fee or cost is charged to you for rescheduling the flight bookings. The fee has been decided in such a way that if you make changes or reschedule your flight bookings online, then it will be free of cost. Rescheduling through phone calls and from the airport will cost from US$ 25 to US$ 35. 


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