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How do I request assistance with air France?

How do I request assistance with Air France?

Air France provides you with convenient flight booking service via online and offline modes at any time. It arranges your flight booking service when you modify your booking and going to add and remove some important services. Likewise, if you are traveling to your required destination with a disabled person, get secure assistance within at least 48 hours before the departure of your first flight and get relevant assistance on time.

Get help to request special assistance with Air France

It is essential to use this phone number for the different services and get vital guidance and suggestion to make your flight journey perfect at every time securely. You will contact information to request assistance for a disabled person who needs a wheelchair to make his flight journey secure every time. Acquire some certain facts to request assistance easily.

  • Use phone call service and share booking details with passenger name.
  • Visit the booking website, select manage to book, and request special assistance at 1-802-400-2642.
  • Use email service, share travel details, and request the wheelchair with the airline's name.
  • Explain the passenger's details, router, and destination on live chat and ask for assistance.
  • Also, complete your booking for the wheelchair while accessing the booking website directly.

How to Book Wheelchair Assistance in Air France?

If you wish to book wheelchair assistance in Air France, you must learn the method that you will find on this page. Hence, if you want to be aware of the steps to book assistance with an Air France flight, get started with the details below.

  • First, visit the Air France booking website and go to the manage booking section on the page.
  • Enter the passenger's reservation number and last name and click on the submit button.
  • Choose special assistance and request for Wheelchair booking and fill in the form with passenger details.
  • Get specific wheelchair requests quickly within 24 for domestic and 48 hours for international airlines.
  • Get the message of wheelchair booking on your registered mobile phone at the end of the task booking assistance.  

Thus, you must contact a live person otherwise, you can read some important concern to omit your doubts easily. You can simply request for the special assistance with Air France and find relevant help at any time.

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