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 How do I make a call to France?

How do I make a call to France?

If the passenger wants to make a call to France, they can dial the helpline number and connect with the airline representative, who will provide you with the best solutions regarding your issue. They can also opt for another communication method on the airline's website. To call the airline, they must have the actual numbers of France. Here is the list:

  • For situations like fire rescue, an ambulance, or the police, dial 112 or 114.
  • For missing persons, distress, or emergency at sea, and the French coastguard, dial 196.
  • Dial 115 for emergency shelter. 
  • Dial 116 000 for missing child. 
  •  Dial 197 For the terror and kidnapping hotline.
  • If you face an issue in the aircraft, you can dial this number 191, and you will get the best possible solution at the aircraft as soon as possible. 

Dial Customer Service Number in France

If you want to know How do I make a call to France, you should know about their area code and emergency and how you make a free call. As you know, many customer service numbers in Fpay-per-cally-per-call/pay-per-minute services. You should read the following number when you have to pay the charges. For all these, you should read the given information. 

  • You must pay the charges if there is a 4-digit number, starting with 3 or 10. 
  • If there is a 6-digit number that starts with 118, pay the charges. 
  • If 10-digit numbers start with 08, pay the charges.

How to call France from the USA?

To call France from the USA, you must follow the instructions, here are: 

  • You have to dial the exit code 011, which will let your carrier know you will make an international call. 
  • If you are calling France from the USA, you must dial 33, the country code of France. This will inform your carrier that you will call France from the US.
  • When connecting France from the USA, you must enter the area code. The area code of France consists of 1 to 3 digits. When the city code begins with a 0, you must ignore the 0 and dial the other remaining numbers. 
  • France has a 9-digit phone number; please put the area code where you have to connect and connect with them.
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