How do I get through Lufthansa?

Would you like to get through to Lufthansa customer service to obtain some service-related assistance from them? Lufthansa Airlines provides the best experience for customers who need help or are willing to lodge a complaint with them for any reservation-related question. The customer service number, email, or live chat are the different modes that help to contact Lufthansa Airlines and get help through their agents. You can therefore learn the ways to get through Lufthansa and how to contact their customer service number from below.

If you need to Contact How do I get through Lufthansa, Phone Call 1(800)645-3880. but If you require to get instant assistance, calling Lufthansa’s main contact number is the best option.

Here is the main menu of the How do I get through Lufthansa customer service 1(800)645-3880 system that you need to follow

  • Dial Toll-Free Number 1-800-LUFTHANSA (1-800 645 3880) or 1-802-400-2642 (USA unofficial Number)
  • Press 1 To know about the arrival 
  • Press 2 To make a new booking 
  • Press 3 For questions related to a change in an existing booking.
  • press 4 Travel "speak to a live agent" can press.
  • Press 5 Stay on the Line
  • Press 8 Now "how do I get through Lufthansa"

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How to get through Lufthansa for service-related support?

If you are willing to know the correct details about how do I get through Lufthansa, then follow the methods discussed below.

Lufthansa Airlines Customer Service Phone Number 1-800-LUFTHANSA (1-800 645 3880)

1.Dial Phone Number 1-800 645 3880

2. When the automated system will begin talking press 0

3. Press 5 (for anything else)

4. Press 7 "How do I get through Lufthansa"

5. Stay on the line (connect with Automatically)

 Here are some steps how to get through Lufthansa for service-related support.

  • At first, you can dial the toll-free helpline number of Lufthansa Airlines to get direct help through a live agent from their customer team. Further, you get the chance to speak with the Lufthansa live agent1-800 645 3880 immediately after redirecting the call from the automated support to the live person.
  • Next, you can also launch the live chat box to get help through a live person at Lufthansa via online mode. You can access the live chat support by visiting the website of Lufthansa Airlines then proceed to enter your query in the chatbox and get a suitable reply for it.
  • Email service offered by Lufthansa Airlines to the customers via registered address to handle all the queries is also one way to get through them for assistance.

Know the process to contact the customer service number of Lufthansa?

Customer care number of Lufthansa Airlines is the much better approach to get help through them in comparison to any other ways. You can know the process to contact the Lufthansa customer service number by following the steps below.

  • You have to dial 1800 102 5838 which is the registered customer helpline number of Lufthansa Airlines
  • Then your call will connect to automated support of Lufthansa and computerized voice will provide instructions to choose  options
  • Further, you can also transfer your call to a real person from the customer service team of Lufthansa Airlines by following the computerized voice

You have now fully learned  how do I get through Lufthansa Customer service and how to contact their customer service number for assistance. Besides, you can also visit the help pages of Lufthansa which are available on some of the most popular social networking channels.

How do I get through to Lufthansa Airlines Customer Service?

When contacting us via telephone, you can reach us at 516-296-9650, please be sure to include the following information:
Text telephone for hearing impaired (TTY): Please dial 711 and then 800 645 3880 for relaying to the TRS.

  • your first and last name
  • your daytime telephone number
  • your e-mail address
  • your postal address (if preferable)
  • your flight number and dates of travel
  • your booking (reservation) code
  • and most importantly, please include your feedback.

Dropping a text or email And that’s how you can find out about how do I get through Lufthansa customer service 24x7 hours.

In order to complain to someone at Lufthansa, users are required to visit the official website of Lufthansa airlines. Here you will find a plethora of options available to get in touch with someone at Lufthansa.

How do I complain to Lufthansa?

In this paper, we are about to share certain things that one could follow in case they wish to complain regarding something related to the Lufthansa reservation. So without any further ado, let us get straight into this. 

What are the different ways available to drop a complaint regarding the Lufthansa reservation? 

In case you are wondering regarding how to drop a complaint at Lufthansa, then follow the ways that are listed down under:

  • Make a call on the customer care helpline number.
  • Drop an email at the designated customer care email address.
  • Visit the social media handle to report a complaint.
  • Live chat option to the rescue.

I hope this answers  How do I get through Lufthansa?

How can I get hold of Lufthansa?

Lufthansa is the largest German airline which is combined with its various subsidiaries. It has also a brand name as the second-largest airline in Europe. In this article we will see various ways of How can I get hold of Lufthansa contacting the airlines:

Let us see the ways of contacting:

  1. Via phone: You can easily contact the customer service team of the airline by making a phone call. It is the best way to remain in touch with the airline authorities.

  1. Via Chat: You can also contact the airlines via chat mode and get your queries resolved by a live representative.

  2. Via Social media: Lufthansa airlines is also present on various social media platforms you can easily get in touch with the management through this mode.

  1. Via FAQ section: You can also get in touch with the customer support team by clearing your doubts with the help of frequently asked questions.

In this article, we have seen various ways of contacting the airlines and also find the answer of How can I get hold of Lufthansa.

How can I get in touch with Lufthansa?

Are you looking for ways to talk to someone & get in touch with Lufthansa, But also tired of automated responses and chat-bots? Well, worry not as Lufthansa offers its live customer service to its passengers in many ways, and the live agent can assist you with the following common queries:

you can connect phone number 1(800)645-3880 and get the answer of can I get in touch with Lufthansa and The best part is that you are free to connect with them at any moment. 

  • Press 1 to know about the departure and arrival timing 
  • Press 2 to know about the reservation
  • Press 3 for the queries related to "can I get in touch with Lufthansa" 
  • Press 4 for the speak to travel agents 
  • Press 5 to know about the miles  

Some other services connect with Lufthansa!

  • Lufthansa bookings
  • Manage travel
  • Check-ins
  • Rebooking, pet & group travel
  • Baggage, refunds, compensation, etc.
  • Other queries

Best Ways To Connect With Someone On Lufthansa

Via Phone

Connect with the Lufthansa live person via phone and get assistance in real-time. Plus, you can also discuss your queries in detail with the live experts, and get the best info on your reservations.

Via Live Chat

You can use the Lufthansa in-app chat feature and talk to the experts quickly while getting live assistance from them. Also, the live experts are 24/7 available via live chat.

Still, wondering how can I get in touch with Lufthansa? Well, you can opt for the phone support option to get real-time assistance from experts. 


















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