How do I get a refund from Korean Air?

How do I get a refund from Korean Air?

When you are planning for travel, it is very common and unfortunate to have a change in plans at any minute. Due to this, you might have to cancel your flights sometimes. Korean Air has the easiest way you can cancel your flight and get your refund. There are 2 conditions which are to be taken care of which are: 

  1. Refunds request can only be made through which you have placed the booking. It can be the travel agent who booked your tickets, online booking from the Korean air official website, or the Korean air office.
  2. The refund request must be 30 days before the expiry date of the ticket.
  3. Tickets must be unused to get the full refund

Documents Required:

 Korean air refund policy has made 2 documents important for the verification of the customer while canceling a ticket. 

  1. Photo verification id for the buyer.
  2. E-ticket receipt

How will I get the Refund?

  1. Customers who have booked their tickets in cash will get the payment/refund into their bank accounts.
  2. Payment done through credit card will be directly transferred to your credit card company’s account. 
  3. The amount will be received in 2-5 working days. You can contact your respective banks for the refund information.
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