How do I get a refund from Flair Air?

Flair Airlines is an ultra-low-cost airline in Canada known for its simple policies. The airline's cancellation policy allows you to receive a full refund in your original form of payment if you cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking, and your trip is after seven days. In case you cancel the ticket within seven days of departure, you will get a full refund after deducting the cancellation fee in the form of travel credit. 

However, if you need to learn the process, you can check out the steps to get a refund from Flair Air anytime. You can also speak directly to the flair air team if you have any further doubts or confusion. So let's proceed further and check out how it works.

Step-by-step process to get a refund from Flair Air

  • First and Foremost, get on the official website of Flair Air 
  • You can first cancel the booking by visiting the manage booking section 
  • Then search for the refund form from the search bar 
  • A refund form will appear on the screen 
  • You need to fill in the relevant details and attach the Photo ID required
  • You can also attach the boarding pass and other documents if accepted  
  • Click on the submit button, and then Flair Team will process your refund soon

Using the process above, you can apply for a flair air refund soon. Moreover, if you still find it difficult or doubt, How do I get a refund from Flair Air? You can also get a refund by speaking to the Flair air team over the phone.

Can I get a refund over the phone from Flair Air? 

  • To get a refund via phone, dial Flair Air phone number 1 833 711 2333 or 1-802-400-2642
  • You can choose language and follow the IVR running to speak to the live agent 
  • Once connected, you can ask the representative that you want to apply for a refund
  • Provide your booking details for the flair team to check
  • They will apply for a refund on your behalf if applicable 
  • Once the request is shared, the refund will be initiated in your original form of payment soon

How Long Does It Take To Get A Refund From Flair Airlines?

By following the procedure above, you will understand how to get a refund for Flair Air. Moreover, if you wonder, how Long Does It Take To Get A Refund From Flair Airlines? It varies from 7-14 days, depending on the payment mode you used to pay for your tickets. However, if it takes longer, you need any help throughout, or you need any additional information, you can speak to a flair agent anytime. 

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