How do I contact Copa Airlines?

How to contact Copa Airlines to seek assistance?

Based in Panama, Copa Airlines is a flag carrier airline that is quite popular for offering premium services at an affordable fare. Also, to help out the passengers with their queries, the airline has introduced a dedicated team of experts to resolve various travel queries. 

Well, reaching out to a support representative at Copa Airlines is quite simple, but many passengers are not aware of How do I contact Copa Airlines. So, help out the passengers with this query, one can check out the details discussed in this article. 

How can one contact Copa Airlines for assistance? 

For the passengers who have queries regarding the Copa Airlines reservations and other related policies, one can check out the details mentioned in this article. 

1) Make a call to the reservation centers

The airline has introduced toll-free numbers for various reservation centers around the globe. By using this number, the passenger can contact the support representative and manage their reservations accordingly. 

Copa Contact Number

  1. 018000 112600
  2. 1(802)808-8995

2) Use Facebook messenger 

Further, to resolve the general queries related to the reservations, the passenger can send a message on Facebook messenger and seek prompt help for the same. 

3) Visit the sales office

Also, in case of urgency, the passenger can visit the local sales office of the airline and manage their booking in time and seek required help for other queries. 

4) Write to the airline

Lastly, to seek help from Copa Airlines, the passenger can write to the email on the official postal address and seek prompt help for their queries. 

Thus, these are few options available to resolve how do I contact Copa Airlines query. Besides, for the passengers wondering how they can claim a refund for their cancelled booking can check out info below. 

How do I get a refund from Copa Airlines?

How to process a refund for the cancelled Copa Airlines booking? 

The passengers who no longer wish to travel with the airline can cancel their reservations and claim a refund for their bookings. To claim the refund the passenger can either contact the airline sales center or follow the steps provided below:

  • The passenger needs to fill up the refund request form by mentioning the reservation number. 
  • Now, select the passenger who wishes to claim a refund. 
  • Further, request the details and verify the same. 
  • Once done, the passenger can confirm the request. 

Thus, this was the complete info on how do I contact Copa Airlines and claim a refund for the cancelled booking. So, keep the provided info in mind and manage the booking accordingly. 

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