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How do I talk to someone at Copa Airlines?

How do I talk to someone at Copa Airlines?

Whether you have a reservation-related issue or need to share any experience, the airline gives all its customers equal assistance at . If you are curious to know, how do I talk to someone at Copa Airlines?  You can find out all the options in the content below. So stay tuned to get updated.

  • Open the Copa 'contact us' section
  • And dial 018000 112600 or 1-802-610-2076( Copa related quick assistance)
  • Press 1 to select the language.
  • Press * and talk to someone at Copa Airlines representative and stay online.
  • The automated voice will connect your call to the Copa airline live person. 

Several options to connect someone at Copa Airlines

Here you can find out all the options below offered by Copa airlines. To access these options, you can go to the Copa airlines website and then visit the customer support page from there.

  • Phone call: - If you want to make a reservation or need to get an instant answer to your queries, you can use the phone call option. Depending on your region, you can connect with the airline anytime.
  • Mailing address:-You can use the email service to share a hard copy of any complaint copy or business document.
  • Social Media:-Whether you have to send a direct message or post your query, you can follow the airline on its social media pages.
  • Via Email: - If you have to share any feedback, complaint, experience, etc., you can email the airline anytime.

So, coming back to the query, how do I talk to someone at Copa Airlines? You can use any of the above options to connect the airline.

How to contact Copa Airlines to seek assistance?

Based in Panama, Copa Airlines is a flag carrier airline that is quite popular for offering premium services at an affordable fare. Also, to help out the passengers with their queries, the airline has introduced a dedicated team of experts to resolve various travel queries. 

Well, reaching out to a support representative at Copa Airlines 1-802-610-2076 is quite simple, but many passengers are not aware of How to contact Copa Airlines. So, help out the passengers with this query, one can check out the details discussed in this article. 

How can one contact Copa Airlines for assistance? 

For the passengers who have queries regarding the Copa Airlines reservations and other related policies, one can check out the details mentioned in this article. 

1) Make a call to the reservation centers

The airline has introduced toll-free numbers for various reservation centers around the globe. By using this number, the passenger can contact the support representative and manage their reservations accordingly. 

Copa Contact Number

  • 018000 112600
  • 1-802-610-2076

2) Use Facebook messenger 

Further, to resolve the general queries related to the reservations, the passenger can send a message on Facebook messenger and seek prompt help for the same. 

3) Visit the sales office

Also, in case of urgency, the passenger can visit the local sales office of the airline and manage their booking in time and seek required help for other queries. 

4) Write to the airline

Lastly, to seek help from Copa Airlines, the passenger can write to the email on the official postal address and seek prompt help for their queries. 

Thus, there are few options available to resolve how do I contact Copa Airline's query. Besides, the passengers wondering how they can claim a refund for their canceled booking can check out the info below.  

Copa Airlines Customer Service

Customers can contact Copa Airlines Customer Service Phone Number   to get data about its Booking trip with Copa Airlines is anything but an extreme assignment; you need to take after some simple strides to book a trip with them. The means included are as take:

  • Open the official site of Copa Airlines and go to the login section.
  • Enter your user id and secret key to log in.
  • Now pick the date, day, destination, and class.
  • Now users need to pick the flight which best suits their necessity.
  • Once you pick one flight you will be coordinated to another page where you will see the seat designated to you.
  • Now confirm your booking.
  • You can pay to Copa aircraft with a wide range of routes, for example, debit card, platinum card, wallets, and so forth.
  • Once the installment is done your trip with Copa aircraft is reserved.
  • You can likewise approach Copa Airlines customer service to get data about ticket booking.

After booking your ticket you can just confirm it by dialing the Copa Airlines Customer Service Phone Number 1-802-610-2076(OTA) or can wait for a confirmation email. For any other query or don’t want to follow this long process of Copa Airlines Reservations then can dial the Copa Airlines Phone Number.

Use Copa Airlines Live Chat Feature

Do you wish to book your flight with Copa Airlines? And want administrative assistance with the bookings? Travelers can reach out to the customer service of Copa Airlines in a number of ways, like calling, chatting, or emailing. If you have waited on hold to get through with an executive but did not find available assistance and now want to contact Copa Airlines through the live chat. But wondering how I live chat at Copa Airlines? to skip the hold time. Here is a guide for you.

Live Chat Process of Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines provides a Facebook Messenger facility to live chat for questions about reservations, different policies, refunds & charges. There is a detailed procedure mentioned for you to live chat with an executive at Copa Airlines: 

  • Open the Copa Airlines website with your account,
  • Under the Services option, click on Contact Us,
  • On the appeared page, Click on the given option: Ask Ana on Facebook Messenger,
  • Now click Chat with Ana to start asking questions on Live Chat,

The assistant will reply to all your queries on the messenger and help you with confusion regarding your flight with Copa.

Hence, follow the process to chat with the experts of Copa Airlines for your bookings or other services-related information. The live chat is available 24 * 7 for your assistance and instantly solves travel queries.

Guide speak to live agents at Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines is in a very good position in the market in providing services in the airline industry. It believes in providing excellent hospitality and customer service to all its fliers whether it is when you are flying with them or at the comfort of your home.

Copa Airlines Phone Number USA:

If you wish to get in touch with Copa Airlines phone number for any query you have for any particular department, you can follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Log on to the official website of Copa Airlines.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the webpage.
  • Locate and click on Contact Us on the official webpage of Copa Airlines.
  • Once you do, it opens a contact information page of Copa Airlines.
  • Click on Call our reservation centers option on the page.
  • On the following page, you will find the contact numbers of different places.
  • Scroll down and go to the ‘U’ section to locate the United States.
  • It will showcase a city like Miami.
  • In front of the city, you will find the official number for Copa airlines for the USA.
  • You’ll find the contact hours and the weekdays for you to call on the number as well.

Thus, the above-mentioned point will help you in finding the Copa airlines phone number USA.

Copa Airlines Phone Number Canada

If you wish to get in help with Copa Airlines' phone number 1-802-610-2076 for any query, you can follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • If you wish to contact the Copa Airlines phone number from Canada, then all you need to do is just make a slight change to the above-mentioned points;
  • In place of searching for the ‘U’ section, search for the ‘C’ section and locate Canada.
  • Copa airlines can be contacted from all the cities of Canada.
  • You’ll find the official number for Canada in front of that.

Therefore, the above-mentioned points will help you in finding the Copa airlines phone number in Canada.

Thus, Copa airlines can be contacted in the above-mentioned points from all the regions for various departments.


Country City Telephone
Argentina All cities (800) 800 2672
Aruba All cities 1 800 FLY COPA (359 2672)
Bahamas All cities 1 800 389 0772
Barbados All cities 1 800 744 2359
Belize All cities 1 800 FLY COPA (359 2672)
Bolivia All cities 800 10 COPA (2672)
Brazil All cities (5511) 4933 2399
Canada All cities 1 647 493 5022
Chile All cities (562) 2573 9318 or (562) 2840 2641
Colombia All cities (57) 1320 9090
Costa Rica All cities (506) 4000 0478
Cuba All cities (53) 7 204 1111
Curazao All cities 1 800 744 3672
Ecuador All cities (593) 2342 2672
El Salvador All cities (503) 2113 0369
United States Miami (1 305) 371 COPA (2672)
United States All cities 1 800 FLY COPA (359 2672)
Guatemala All cities (502) 2307-6400
Guyana All cities (855) 654 0566
Haiti Port-au-Prince (57) 1320 9090
Haiti All cities 1 800 271 COPA (2672)
Honduras All cities (504) 2516 COPA (2672), (504) 2240 COPA (2672)
Jamaica All cities 1 800 234 COPA (2672)
Mexico All cities (5255) 1516 3319
Nicaragua All cities (505) 2251 5373
Panama Panama City (507) 217 COPA (2672)
Panama All cities (507) 217 COPA (2672)
Paraguay All cities 009 800 542 0074
Peru All cities (511) 700 9098
Puerto Rico All cities 1 787 296 9824
Dominican Republic All cities (001 809) 472 COPA (2672)
St. Maarten All cities (1 877) 389 3606
Trinidad and Tobago All cities 1 800 271 COPA (2672)
Uruguay All cities (598) 2626 1000
Venezuela All cities (58) 212 720 1450
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