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How can I make a complaint to Turkish Airlines?

How can I make a complaint to Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines is a seven-star airline in Turkey. It is also the target airline in the world based on the number of passengers and destinations. Over the years, many more flyers are choosing Turkish Airlines for their flight journeys. And with this, some inconvenience is also occurring with the services. If you also have faced inconvenience on your journey, you can fill out a complaint. Are you thinking about how can I make a complaint to Turkish Airlines? If yes, then below you will find the ways.

Ways To File A Complaint At Turkish Airlines

There are different ways available by which a person can file a complaint to customer service. Below are the ways to complain Turkish Airlines which you can consider.

Feedback Form

You can fill out a feedback form to file your complaint at Turkish Airlines. Feedback can be shared from their official site. Follow the procedure and make a complaint online:

  • Open the Turkish Airlines site on your device,
  • Select the Feedback option,
  • Select a “New Feedback” option,
  • Then choose the topic for you are making a complaint,
  • Fill the columns with suitable information,
  • Attach files relevant to your complaint,
  • Further, click the Send button, and your complaint will be filed at Turkish Airlines.

Customer Service

A person can also make a complaint about Turkish Airlines directly by contacting an official on the customer service team. Getting in touch with someone can help you make a complaint without filling out any form. Follow the calling steps for talking with an official regarding the complaint:

  • Dial the Turkish Airlines customer service number 1800-874-8875,
  • Listen to the IVR and choose the key for connecting with a live person,
  • Wait for your call to reach an available official,
  • State that you would like to make a complaint,
  • Provide the flight trip details,
  • Briefly explain your experience,
  • After that, the office will submit the complaint. 

Live Chat

You can also be able to make a complaint on the live chat platform by connecting with an official. Follow the steps for filing a complaint online:

  • Go to the Turkish Airlines Help page,
  • On the page, navigate live chat option,
  • Select the complaint topic,
  • Do as per the instructions you got on the chat,
  • Explain the matter to the official,
  • The connected official will submit your complaint,

Hence, if you are required to make a complaint for the inconvenience and lousy assistance you got on your flight and are thinking, where do I complain about Turkish Airlines? Above ways will be helpful for you to reach your complaint at customer service. 

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