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How can I make a claim with Lufthansa?

How can I make a claim with Lufthansa?

Lufthansa has developed a web system to provide comfort to their customers where you can change your flight, make a reservation, or, in case you cancel your flight, the Lufthansa also provides a refund option you can claim with the airline. But How do I make a claim with Lufthansa? Before answering your question, you can go through the Lufthansa refund claim policy. These policies will help you out in completing your claim process successfully without making any errors. These policies are made under the supervision of senior authorities.

Lufthansa refund policies are as follows:

If the following passenger claims for the refund after the 24 hours of cancellation of flight booking, then, in that case, the airline will return you the refund but after the deduction of the cancellation charge.

  • In the worst-case scenario, if the passenger's family members die and the following passenger is not able to board the flight, then the respected fellow can deposit the necessary supporting documents related to the death, then the Lufthansa airline will verify your documents and provide you the refund.
  • Sometimes the airline may cancel or delay your flight due to some technical issue or weather condition, which makes it unsuitable for the flight to operate. In that scenario, the airline will be responsible for providing you with a refund without deducting extra charges.

So these are the policies that make you aware of your rights and prevent you from falling into any fraud. Now come to the point: How do I file a Lufthansa flight claim? It is not any rocket science to file a claim, and any extra guidance is not needed applying those steps listed below:

How do I file a Lufthansa flight claim?

  • You are required to visit the official site of Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Then move to the manage booking tab after login in with your account.
  • You can enter the booking reference number and last name on the managed booking page.
  • After that, the list of flights will appear on your screen; select your suitable flight option to cancel.
  • Once you cancel your flight, click on the refund request form.
  • ( fill out the refund form and submit it to the airline)
  • At last, you will get the confirmation message code on your registered email account.
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