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How can I change my flight with Air France

How can I change my flight with Air France?

Air France is regarded as one of the most popular air travel partners among passengers who are looking for great fares and even exciting facilities and amenities that solely aim at enhancing the overall trip for passengers from across the globe. With Air France, the passengers are also in for easy changes as far as the flights are concerned. Air France has provided an online system to profess changes to the reservations made online using the Air France website which is

Can you change flights with Air France?

In case you would like to know what steps you will have to take in order to make changes to your reservations at Air France then you have come to the exact right place. Below-mentioned is a series of steps that one could stick to in case they would like to make changes to their reservations as far as Air France is concerned. 

  • First and foremost, the passengers are advised to visit the official web page of Air France. 
  • Once you are on the homepage, you will spot a ‘Manage my booking’ option. Click on that and you will then be redirected to yet another page. 
  • Enter the details that are asked, for example, your last name followed by the reservation number.
  • This will take you to yet another page, where you will have the details of your flight reservations at Air France. 
  • Select the flight that you would like to change and then proceed further with the ‘change my flight’ option.
  • Make the payment (if applicable). The information regarding the change will be delivered to you at your registered email address or phone number and you are good to go.

Why can't I change my Air France flight?

Air France allows changes to the passengers who book flights directly from the Air France website, contact center, or ticket counter. If you book a flight from a third party or travel agency, you will have to contact the travel agent directly to make changes. For online bookings, you can follow the procedure below to make changes.

  • Follow the procedure below to change your Air France flight
  • Go to the homepage of Air France online and log in to your account
  • You can then locate the My booking section on the homepage 
  • Enter the booking reference and last name and click on search
  • From your booking details, select the one you wish to change
  • Select your new booking details and save the changes
  • On the payment page, pay the fare difference and change fee if applicable
  • Follow the instruction on the screen to complete the changes 

By following the instructions above, you must be clear about why can't I change my Air France flight. Besides, you must know that you can make the changes for free if you change the flight within a 24-hour booking. After 24 hours, you might have to pay the change fee. If you get stuck or need additional information, you can speak to the Air France representative.

Air France Change Flight

Know how to change the flight for a confirmed Air France booking

Do you wish to change the flight for your already confirmed Air France reservations? Then, here you will be provided with quick instructions to modify the booking. 

Procedure to change the flight for Air France reservations 

For the travelers who wish to perform the Air France change flight process for their reservations, it is required that they check the ticket eligibility and perform these steps:

  • On the airline website, click on the manage booking option. 
  • Then, provide the reservation details to find the booking.
  • After that, select the change flight option and pick an alternative for the booking. 
  • Then, verify the fare and make payment for the fare difference.
  • After that, the alternative flight for the reservations will be confirmed and a confirmation email will be provided. 

Still, if the traveler fails to change the booking with Air France, then it is suggested to contact the airline customer service for assistance. 

How much does it cost to change an Air France ticket?

Pondering over the prices that are charged by Air France as far as changes to the flights are concerned is mentioned down under:

  • All the changes that are made over the website and through the kiosk present at the airport, such changes are processed for free and there are no additional costs involved. 
  • For the changes that are made at the airport or through the city office, in that case, the passengers need to pay a fee of $20 for modifying, canceling, or changing the ticket.
  • If you have a reservation of the non-full flex fares then in that case the charges that are charged for making changes to the reservation are somewhere around $50. 

Steps to make changes in the bookings of Air France

  • To make the changes, firstly go to the website of the airline and then tap on manage reservations.
  • Under the manage reservations tab, you will find the option of changing bookings and then enter the details related to the booking.
  • Pick the change you want to make and then follow the guidelines to make the changes in the flight of Air France.
  • Now you are done once you have paid the fare difference plus the fee.

 I hope this helps with Can I change my flight with Air France. For more details, you are advised to refer to the main website of Air France and you will be good to go. 

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