How to Use or Redeem Air Canada Travel Voucher

How to Use or Redeem Air Canada Travel Voucher?

Air Canada travel vouchers are offered to the passengers when they cancel their flight and given as compensation to all the customers. You can use the voucher numerous times as it does not have any expiry time. You can redeem the air Canada voucher to book the flight ticket or avail of any air Canada flight services.

What is the type of voucher Air Canada has?

If you need to solve what are the type of voucher air Canada has, you can read the detailed information mentioned below or contact their customer service team.

Air Canada travel voucher:

This voucher is used to purchase the air Canada new flight ticket. Once you reserve the seat, you can apply for the travel voucher at the time of payment and confirm your journey. A travel voucher will reduce the original price of the ticket. 

Electronic travel voucher:

You can use the travel voucher as the base fare when you purchase the new flight ticket. You will get these vouchers on your email id in which will contain a 13 digit voucher number.

Credit voucher:

This will issue to the passengers once they cancel the flight as compensation. Passengers can use this voucher to buy any air Canada flight product.


This is the special coupon issued by air Canada to their passengers having four digits PIN. You can apply this coupon on your purchase and pay the balance amount to confirm the flight booking.

How to Redeem Air Canada Travel Voucher?

Terms and conditions to use the travel voucher:

  • You can redeem this voucher continuously, and anyone can use it. But I cannot be transferable until the owner redeems the coupon.
  • You can redeem the travel voucher at Air Canada's official website when you book the flight ticket.
  • These vouchers can apply to a different currency, but exchange rates will be applicable accordingly. 
  • You cannot use these vouchers as the payment source at the time of self-check-in counters or at the Air Canada mobile app.
  • If you cannot redeem this voucher online, you can contact the Air Canada customer service team and get the details.
  • You will get the code when the voucher is issued to you at your email id. You need to add that code to redeem the voucher.

Guide to use Air Canada Voucher

Hence, you will get the complete details on the air Canada travel voucher; if you still cannot understand, you can get in touch with their customer service. They will give you a guide to using air Canada voucher and book your flight journey or avail of any flight services. 

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