Frontier Airlines Minor Policy

Frontier Airlines Minor Policy

When young children travel without their parents or their legal guardians, it is called Unaccompanied Minors and the policy about it known as Frontier Airlines Minor Policy. Assistance from the point of departure to the final destinations is provided to such children by many of the Airlines and one such airline is Frontier Airlines.

So, to assist them properly, every airline has made some policy and so is Frontier Airlines. Frontier Airlines Minor policy includes many things and these can be listed as:

Children from the age of 5-14 come in the category of unaccompanied minors on Frontier Airlines. They are permitted to fly on any airlines that also includes international one but are not permitted to travel on the flights that are connected one.

Frontier Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

  1. The fee for the unaccompanied minors is $110 for one-way.
  2. They can make the reservation online.
  3. The services that are rendered for these children are a lanyard that includes:
  4. The name of the destination that the child has to reach
  5. Gate access for the guardian for see-off
  6. Oversight by the gate agent for as long as s/he is not picked up by the guardian at the gate
  7. Beverages and snacks offered in-flight
  8. Gate issuance pass is provided to the guardian at pick-up.

These are some important points mentioned here about Frontier Airlines Minor policy like Form for the unaccompanied minor must be completed. The best way is to download it and fill it prior to the arrival it is also the part of Frontier Airlines Minor Policy. Although, it is not necessary for the children ages 15-17 to bring the identification card, it is best that they should carry it regardless of age.

Frontier Airlines Minor Travel Policy

Talking about Frontier Airlines Minor Travel Policy a boarding pass should be with the guardian that they can obtain from the ticket counter which includes the service fee so that they can pass through the security and can accompany their child to the gate. The family member will also be given the boarding pass to bypass the security at the final destination of the child.

So, the child should be introduced to the agents at the departure gate and with the ticket counter and should read before traveling the Frontier Airlines Minor policy.

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