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How can I get a hold of Emirates?

Emirates Hold My Fare

Emirates, a worldwide connector of individuals, places, and experiences, is currently making it simpler for customers in select business sectors and the UAE to book and secure fares while they at the same time plan their movement schedules for their travel for work, family occasions or end of the week escapes. 

How can I get a hold of Emirates?

If you have an existing Emirates flight booking or reservation and you ever feel the need to contact one of its support representatives, you can always take help from the following points. The following will help you speak with one of the available How can I get a hold of  Emirates customer support representatives number  1-802-400-2642

  • Visit the official Emirates website.
  • Accept the required cookies to continue with a comfortable website version.
  • Click on the ‘Help and Contact’ option.
  • The following will display the official Emirates support number for general queries.
  • Emirates provides 24 hours a day and 7 days of assistance, so you don’t need to worry about their hours of operation or working days.
  • Call the number displayed and go through the IVR procedure.
  • Shortly, a live Emirates support representative will connect with you through the live call 

Therefore, the question ‘How can I get a hold of Emirates?’ can be answered with the help of following the points listed below.

How do I get 72 hours on Emirates?

Choose Hold My Fare* at checkout and reserve your chosen flight fare for 72 hours. You'll secure a spot on that flight and won't have to pay any extra if the fare increases before you book ‑ all you'll need is your name and booking reference when you're ready to pay.

What is Hold my Fare on Emirates?

'Hold My Fare' is a new feature on Emirates that offers customers the chance to hold their reservations and lock in serious Emirates fares for as long as 48 hours for a nominal charge, which is determined dependent on the booked course or objective and applies to each traveler with the exception of newborn children. To secure the best fare customers are approached to the booking, which will be hung on their Visa. The charge is delivered back to the client's credit card if tickets are paid for within48 hours. 

How do I use Emirates Hold my Fare?

If you are thinking How do I use Emirates Hold my Fare? customers can pick the Emirates Hold My Fare  1-802-400-2642 choice on the installment page of Customers additionally get a booking confirmation email after they have utilized 'Hold My Fare', with data on when the booking will be held until just as directions and connections to the 'Deal with a booking' page on when they choose to pay for their flights. When picking 'Pay Now', more administrations like travel protection and inn stays can be added to their journey. 

In the US, Emirates can be contacted on the following toll‑free numbers:

  1. Telephone:  1-802-400-2642
  2. Text Telephone: 1 888 320 1576

Emirates is the first Airline in the region to acquire this online service with clients. If the traveler still thinking about How do I use Emirates Hold my Fare, then you just have to:

  • Sign in to Manage a booking with your last name and booking reference at 1-802-400-2642 .At that point click 'Pay currently' to confirm and pay for your booking. 
  • You can decide to hold your fare when you get to the payment page on . You will see your booking expense, which you'll have to approve on your card. 

What is the fee for Emirates Hold my Fare?

Thierry Antinori, Executive Vice President, and Chief Commercial Officer, Emirates clarifies: "Emirates is focused on discovering inventive approaches to make the internet booking experience significantly more helpful. With Emirates Hold My Fare we are giving our clients added adaptability to solidify their itinerary items at their own speed. Clients can finish the subtleties of their trip by coordinating convenience with their partners in crime that their favored flights will not rat and that they are ensured that their tolls won't be influenced." 

Would you be able to require Emirates trips to behold? 

You can decide to hold your fare when you get to the payment page on You will see your booking expense, which you will have to approve on your card. You can just use Hold My Fare for Economy Class flights, and not with different items.


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