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Swoop Airlines Cancellation Policy

How do I cancel a Swoop Flight?

To go somewhere, you are looking to cancel the Swoop airlines flight tickets. But the issue is that you do not know how to cancel a Swoop flight online. So, here you will get the steps of revoking the flight easily. For this, you need to track down the following steps that are cited there.

  1. Search Swoop Airlines on your search engine
  2. Then, look for the “manage booking” tab on your homepage
  3. And enter your PNR number & your last name and pawl on the search button
  4. Then, you will access your full detail of the Swoop reserved flight 
  5. There you will find the cancel option, cancel your flight ticket
  6. And pay the cancellation charges, and the airline will deliver its notification on your linked number or mail to confirm that this cancellation was made by you.

Does Swoop have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

Yes, Swoop has a 24-hours cancellation policy, so here you will get it phone number  1-802-400-2642. 

  • If a passenger can cancel a swoop flight within 24 hours of booking, they don’t have to pay any cancellation charge to the airlines. And, if they cancel the flight after 24 hours of booking, they need to pay the penalty for this to Swoop Airlines.
  • Moreover, if a passenger cancels their flight ticket before 24 hours of flying or within 24 hours of flying the Swoop flight from the departure, they must pay the cancellation fee.

Does Swoop Airlines do refunds?

After canceling the tickets, are you looking for Does Swoop Airlines do a refund? So, “yes,” Swoop Airlines provide a refund for your canceled tickets. For this, you need to request it. So, here are the steps for requesting a refund at Swoop Airlines. 

  • Navigate Swoop Airlines on their web browser
  • Tap on “manage my reservation” and fill out the column of booking number & your last name.
  • Then, you must search for the reserved flight, 
  • After canceling the ticket, click on the refund request form link, and the form will open.
  • Fill out the refund request form, check the all details that you have mentioned in the refund request from
  • submit the form to Swoop Airlines.

And, after that, the Swoop person will confirm that the request will be sent by you. And, further, you will get your money in up to 7 to 10 working days.

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