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Does Qatar Airways have WhatsApp?

Does Qatar Airways have WhatsApp? 

Qatar Airways has been a leading brand in the airline industry for a long time. This popularity is due to its ever-adaptive nature and unblemished customer care service. The airline always adapts to consumer needs and ensures that the customers feel comfortable and at ease while connecting with the airline. The most favored form of contact among the majority is chatting. Now, this chat option can be through an airline’s website or social media. Further, among these chatting options, WhatsApp was found to be the most preferred way of conversing. This brings the article to the question, is there a WhatsApp chatting feature available on Qatar Airways, and if so, how can one utilize it?


Apart from the usual contact channels, there is another way to connect with the airline 1-802-400-2642. The airline is excited to share its introduction of the WhatsApp chatting service. To date, the airline relied on Messenger, website live chat, and Instagram DMs; this latest addition has made connecting with the airline even easier. 

People who are looking to use this feature can expect to use the following services:

  • Redemption of your Qatar Airways Award Tickets and award tickets on the partner airlines.
  • Upgrading facilities such as seat or flight upgrades. 
  • Rebooking/Rescheduling your flight
  • Flight detail modifications, such as name change, date change, addition or removal of extra services, adding/removing passengers, etc. 
  • Submission of refund request forms and Avion refund/request forms. 

You can ask for help related to any situation through this feature. Save +974 4023 0000 as or  1-802-400-2642 your contact and message whenever you need the help. This service functions 24/7.

Can I use WhatsApp on Qatar Airways?

As the airline has made the service available to everyone, you just need to feed the number given in the previous section and start the conversation. You don’t have to activate any account or service to use this feature. However, the airline does ask you to read through the terms & conditions of the service before you proceed to use it. 

  • Qatar has no affiliation with the WhatsApp service provider, and this company is a third party to the airline. 
  • You can use the service at your own risk after going through the terms and services. 
  • Qatar is not responsible for providing any risk-free warranty. 

You can find the complete list of the terms and conditions through the official website and decide how to use this feature for yourself. 

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