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Does LATAM charge for baggage?

Does LATAM charge for baggage?

Yes, you will have to pay a charge for baggage with LATAM Airlines. The charges are different for different classes as economy and premium, and different flights, domestic or international. The general baggage cost ranges from USD 20 to USD 165.

How much does it cost to check a bag on Latam Airlines?

The cost to check a bag at LATAM varies depending upon the flight you are flying with, domestic or international, and the class you are seated in as economy or premium. You can see the below points to know the exact charges.

For South American routes, the first bag charges are USD 20 to USD 60, and for third or more bags, the cost is up to USD 150.
The first bag is free for US-Columbia, Ecuador, and Brazil, and the three-plus bags range from USD 100 to USD 165.

  • LATAM Baggage Policy

Baggage is an essential aspect of any trip. You have personal items, memories, everything in it. But you can take everything with you. You need to go through the baggage policy of LATAM Airlines so that you can adjust your luggage accordingly. Let's have a look at the baggage rules.

  • For Economy Cabin

If you fly with domestic flights within South America, to and fro Canada, Europe, and Africa, then plus fare will be applied to one bag of 23 kg, and the top fare will be applied to 2 bags of 23 kg.

  • For Premium Economy

Plus, the fare is applicable on one bag of 23 kg, and top fares are applicable on three bags of 23 kg on all routes.

  • Premium Business Economy

All routes plus fare is applicable on three bags of 23 kg and top fare on three bags of 23 kg.

  • Checked Baggage

The maximum size and weight of the checked baggage is 158 cm linear, adding length + width + height (62,2 in) and 23 kg (51 lb).

  • Baggage Tagging

Your baggage will be tagged for their safety and identity.

  • Additional Baggage

You can add bags by going on My trips and paying the price like you are required to pay up to 30% less than on the same day of your flight. 

  • Restricted Items

Liquids like aerosols, perfumes, alcoholic beverages, batteries, sharp objects, and medical devices are prohibited. They can only be taken after approval.

  • Animals, Plants, and their derivatives

To preventing plagues and animal agents disorders or diseases, there is a restriction on the entry of animals, plants, seeds, herbicides, and certain foods.

How much LATAM charge for baggage?

To get more precise knowledge regarding the baggage with LATAM Airlines, you are suggested to go to its official site, or you may call its helpline number.

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