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Does British Airways require a COVID test? 

Does British Airways require a COVID test? 

The onset of the Covid pandemic has changed all the travel requirements for passengers and people find it quite troublesome to abide by the rules and regulations that are in place as preventive measures to control the spread of the virus. 

Are you wondering: Does British Airways require a COVID test for travel? You have come to the right place. Let us find out the travel requirements put in place by the British airways to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus. 

  • British airlines specified in their travel requirements that passengers need to take the Covid test before travel if they are not fully vaccinated. 
  • The passenger must have sat for the test 72 hours prior to the actual departure date of the flight. 

However, if you are fully vaccinated there is no need to take the Covid test to fly as far as British airlines are concerned. 

In the case of fully vaccinated passengers, the following requirements are applicable: 

  • Travelers need to upload their vaccination certificate wherever required on the British airline's website to commence travel with the airline. 
  • There is a self-declaration form available on the website. People need to fill out the self-declaration form for travel before taking their British airlines flight. 

Do you need a COVID test to fly? 

  • Travelers must take the Covid test in order to become eligible for taking the British airlines flight. This applies if the passenger is not fully vaccinated.
  • People need to upload a negative Covid 19 RT-PCR certificate online on the British airline's website after taking the test. 
  • Travelers do not need to take the Covid 19 test for entry requirements if their flight is bound for the USA. The UK government’s step-by-step guide is helpful in gathering the latest travel requirements and information and the link is available on the official British Airways website Passengers must go through the guidelines to have a smooth journey. 
  • Also, the travel entry requirements differ from country to country and may change without any prior notice, therefore it is vital that people check the guidelines beforehand to avoid any chances of inconvenience. 
  • A Covid 19 travel insurance is also necessary for passengers and can be availed through British airways insurance partners. 
  • Passengers must visit the official British Airways website in order to check the entry requirements and travel updates with regards to COVID 19 travel. 
  • Visit and navigate to the ‘COVID 19 travel requirements’ section on the website to gather detailed information for traveling with the airline. 
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