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Do you need a Covid test to fly on Air France?

Do you need a Covid test to fly on Air France?

Certainly, while you prefer to travel on Air France, you will have to consider some safety measures, like getting vaccinated with both doses. Further, you must have taken the booster dose within nine months from the last dose. Otherwise, you will not be considered as fully vaccinated. If your country or destination is on the orange list, you can travel without taking the vaccination. But, you will have to provide certain documents to ensure your safety. Therefore, it is mandatory to provide accurate and legal information and on the other hand, to get information on Do you need a Covid test to fly on Air France, and then you should contact customer service team experts to get help for your guidance on COVID, etc.

Therefore, if you are still not clear with the Covid policies, you should go through this section and dial the phone number  1-802-400-2642 below. You will gather quite effective and efficient knowledge considering the terms and conditions you will have to keep in mind and then fly with Air France accordingly.

Steps to Covid 19 policy of Air France

  • Passengers will have to wear two surgical masks as it is mandatory for the passengers before boarding the flight.
  • With the increase in the number of cases, there is a demand by the airline that passengers would have to submit RT-PCR and rapid antigen tests within (72 to 48 hours) with the latest information. 
  • Check-in will be permitted for the passengers after obtaining the negative test results. 
  • Passengers will have to submit a written form in which they have to mention that they have not been in contact with 1-802-400-2642 with any COVID-19 patient for 72 to 48 hours. 
  • Lastly, if your RT-PCR test is positive, you will have to quarantine yourself; please submit your reports to Air France, and they will refund your ticket fully or reschedule your flight ticket to the next best travel date.

Although, in matter with the process to Covid 19 policy of Air France, you must contact a customer service agent via phone at 1-802-400-2642, chat, or email to get appropriate assistance and guidance.

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