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Do I need a Covid test to fly Aeromexico?

Do I need a Covid test to fly Aeromexico?

A few years back, it was effortless to travel to any place tourists wanted to visit without any trouble. After covid 19 has hit worldwide, it has majorly affected people's lives and airline companies. Now, every airline has made sure to check the passengers' health care traveling with them. When travelers plan to visit a location, they might ask Do I need a Covid test to fly Aeromexico? Aeromexico is the legacy carrier of Mexico, and they also ask their passengers to bring their covid test results with them to have proof to be covid free. The passengers need to have their test 72 hours before traveling. There are some rules that you need to follow, and they are as follows:

Rules and policies regarding covid-19 of Aeromexico?

If you are excited about traveling to your favorite location on your vacation, you have to go through some of the policies to travel safely and healthy with Aeromexico. These are the points that you need to keep in mind before traveling:

  • According to Aeromexico, entrants and returnees should have their negative covid results within 72 hours with vaccination certificates.
  • Passengers visiting and arriving from countries with effective mutant will have to stay quarantined for a while to avoid spreading the disease.
  • After completing the isolation period, you need to have a test again to confirm the negative test.
  • You have to stay at the place or your residence for 14 days. 

Some guidelines that all the passengers need to follow:

There are some more Covid 19 Rules and Regulations of Aeromexico Airlines, that you must keep in mind before you board your flight tickets with Aeromexico:

  • General instructions: The passengers need to keep sanitizing themselves every while to maintain their hygiene and avoid the spreading of the virus.
  • Importance of facemasks: The passengers need to wear surgical masks. Always keep an extra mask with yourself and keep changing masks after every hour of the journey. Infants and children below the age of 3 don't need to wear a mask. 
  • Keep sanitizing yourself: Keep sanitizer while traveling and apply it after retouching every miscellaneous item present onboard or at the airport. The sanitizer will help the passengers to keep their germs free and clean.
  • Avoid touching and communicating with fellow travelers: You have to stay away from your fellow passengers and do not move unnecessarily from your seats. Do not touch anything and baggage of other passengers. Try not to communicate with other passengers as it will spread the virus. Maintain social distancing while boarding the flight and checking out. 
  • Keep cleanliness around you: It is very mandatory that you keep some cleanliness around where you are boarding flight tickets and around your seats. Always flush the toilet seats by keeping leads close. Keep changing your face masks and sanitize yourself.
  • Travel with your documentation: It is very important that you should have your covid documents related to the tests and vaccination of both the dose

Hence, every passenger must have a Covid test before traveling. When you are checking in and have done your tests, the airport has the facility to do the test. You can even contact the customer service related to the covid restrictions. 


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