Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy 

Cathay Pacific is the Hongkong based airlines providing services at more than 100 destinations across the globe for that many people book their flight using the services provided by Cathay Pacific, most of them use to cancel or change the flight due to various reasons from illness to death. Fortunately Cathay Pacific has a cancellation as well as flight change policy to serve this purpose.

Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy 24 Hours

  •  For the cancellation of flight at Cathay Pacific, a passenger needs to visit the Manage booking option of the Cathay Pacific and for this, they need to visit the website, click on manage booking options.
  •  A user can perform two tasks there either to do a member sign in or select the option of finding my booking.
  •  Give each and every information at the online portal for the completion of the process of cancellation of the flight.
  • In conjunction with the process given above, a user can also cancel the partially used ticket by following the same process and that passenger will get the refund in 7 working days for the transaction made with the Credit Card or Paypal or in 20 calendar days If you have used any other mode for payment of the ticket while making the reservations at Cathay Pacific.
  • The time needed for the money to reach the actual holder of account depends on every individual bank of the world.

Cathay Pacific Change Flight Policy

  • Cathay Pacific flight policy allows the change of the flight only in certain conditions especially when seasonal demands & new routes are needed, the flight is not in the condition of the operation due to change in the flight number or time.
  •  Passengers can view their confirmation on the Manage My Booking section of the website and change the flight if needed with this they can also do seat selection.
  •  A passenger if wants to change the flight can also opt for rebooking the ticket by following the same process of making the reservation. Rebooking can only be possible if the original ticket is the electronic ticket. In case the change booking option is unavailable then a person can contact the reservation office.

After making the reservation with the Cathay Pacific if a person wants to do the Cathay pacific change flight then the request should be made to the airlines up to 3 hours from the scheduled departure of the Cathay Pacific flight. In case of the flight change, a passenger may need to pay the airlines which totally depends on the route and time of the journey. All flight change is subject to the availability of seats at the flights. According to the Cathay pacific cancellation policy, a passenger can get a full refund if he cancels the flight within 24 hours of the reservation made.


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