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Can you make a phone call on a Delta flight? 

Can you make a phone call on a Delta flight? 

Yes, you can make a phone call on Delta flights through the Wifi, but that doesn’t mean that it is permitted as the airline prohibits voice calls because this call can disturb other passengers as well. So when you have boarded the flight, and it is going to take off soon, then you should completely power off your Phone at 1 (800) 221-1212 or 1-802-400-2642. 

  • There is guidance from the FAA that makes it clear that when you are on a flight, “airplane mode” is an acceptable choice for your personal electronic device, PED, which is a cell phone.
  • The airline allows its passengers to attend a conference call as you are not presenting anything on call and only listening to it, which cannot disturb other passengers, so you can attend a conference call via Wifi.
  • You cannot use your cellular data to make a phone call, but you can utilize the wifi to attend a conference call.

How can I book Delta flights over the Phone?

The airline also provides flight booking services through phone calls, and to avail of that, you can connect with the customer support number directly, which is present on the contact us tab. Also, you have to understand that if you are taking airline service for the reservation, then you will have to pay an extra service charge, including your ticket fare.

  • Start by dialing 1 (800) 221-1212 or 1-802-400-2642 on your Phone to speak with the live executive of the airline.
  • Now you have to listen to the IVR instructions carefully and follow them to proceed further.
  • Choose your preferred language to communicate.
  • Press 0 to connect with a live agent.
  • Press 1 for the flight reservation.
  • Press 2 for flight cancelation.
  • Press 4 to acquire compensation for a delayed or canceled flight.
  • After hitting the relevant numeric key, you will have to wait for some time as your call gets connected with the live agent.
  • After you get through the live agent, ask him to reserve a flight on your behalf and provide all the relevant details, such as departure date, destination and departure airport, number of passengers, travel class, etc., to the agent.
  • Pay the applicable fee the complete the reservation process.
  • You will receive a newly generated flight ticket at your registered email address.
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