can I get a refund if I missed my flight?

Can I get a reimbursement if I missed my flight?

Yes, you can get a refund if you have missed your flight. The first time you miss a flight is possibly a little awkward, likely to be quite confusing, and will probably put a damper on your getaway, to begin with, to say the least.

That is the precise reason why this article is being shown up here for your convenience so that you can refer to it and make the best use of it. From rebooking to refunds, here is what you need to know if you have missed your flight.

When you miss your flight, you are probably in two situations

  • The first situation is where you have made through your security clearance and are rushing towards the boarding gate. But still, you are short of time, and in the end, you find the boarding gates closed.

  • The second situation is where you are late, but this time you are in the departure hall which is before the check-in and the security. This scenario is a bit less embarrassing as compared to the first one, which is quite obvious.

Therefore in case, you are wondering what to do if you miss your flight? then read on the following piece and remember you need not panic in such cases; there are options available that would eventually get you out of it.

What you may do if you miss your flight?

  • Look, there is no guarantee whether you will be allocated a seat on the next flight or even a later flight on the same airline. 

  • In some cases, you are put on a reserve or a stand-by list, ready to go on the flight in place of the other not-so-lucky passenger who missed his/ hers. 

  • But suppose you are traveling on a pretty popular route in terms of passenger flow and traffic as well, like London to New York City, then you probably find yourself lucky to find a subsequent flight later that day.

  • Be cautious, though, regarding the fact that if you have missed your flight due to your fault, airlines are in no way obliged to put in a subsequent flight later on. However, passengers have their way of cooking up stories, eventually getting their way through a little bit of kindness.

  • Of course, you have to run helter-skelter from one airlines’ desk to another, asking for a last-minute flight to your destination. Asking around airlines can be helpful, but do not forget to check that airlines’ website online as well; who knows, you might find a cheaper fare there.

Do you need to pay for a full ticket if you have missed your flight?

  • Last-minute flights can be expensive, and airlines have different policies as to how much you have to pay for a missed flight. 

  • To answer the above question, yes you have to pay for a full ticket if you have missed your flight. The airlines call it a rescue fee, a missed departure fee, which they levy on the consequent flight which you take.

  • To answer the question, can I get a refund if I missed my flight? Yes, you can. All the statutory taxes which are levied and the User Development Fee (UDF) are refundable.

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