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Can I book Emirates flight over phone?

Can I book Emirates flight over phone?

Yes, you can book your Emirates flight over the phone by reaching out to the reservation team and making your bookings through an agent at 1-802-400-2642. The representative will help you with your flight preference and confirm the booking within a few minutes.

Steps To Call Emirates For Booking:

  • Dial the Emirates Contact Number 1800 777 3999 or  1-802-400-2642.
  • Press 1 to choose your suitable language,
  • Press 2 to continue with the default language,
  • Press 3 for the inquiry at Emirates,
  • Press 4 for additional details of special assistance,
  • Press 5 to meet your call with Emirates Agent,
  • Now, tell your requirements to the agent for booking a flight ticket at Emirates,
  • Pay the fare with an online payment mode of your choice,
  • After the payment, you will receive the confirmation email of your booking.

Adhere to the above steps to book your Emirates flight ticket with the help of a liver person. You can also ask for any deals if they have to get a discount on your bookings. And ask questions if you have any before paying for the flight ticket.

Can you call on Emirates flight?

You may call on the Emirates flight with the help of the wi-fi connection. You can take permission from the Emirates representative if you need to call someone on the flight on an urgent basis. The airline will charge additional fees to provide 6you internet connectivity as the wi-fi is not free on the flight.

How do I book a flight on Emirates without paying?

If you want a flight booking on Emirates without paying, then you can choose the Hold My Fare option at the time of reservation. Opting for this option can secure your seat on the Emirates Flight, and the fare will also be fixed. Fare can be held up to 72 hours, and you have not to be worried about the increased fare in the future. 

Steps To Hold Your Fare At Emirates:

  • Go to the Emirates website for your booking on the browser,
  • Search for the flight ticket putting your requirements in the suitable columns,
  • Look for a flight ticket that matches your budget and need,
  • Add the passenger details and go to the Payment page,
  • Choose the “Hold My Fare” option on the payment page,
  • Check the expiry date to pay the fare amount at Emirates,
  • Pay the Hold My Fare fees, and your booking will be held for 72 hours.

With the above steps, you can hold your booking of an Emirates flight. You must pay the fare within 72 hours; otherwise, your hold fare fee will not be refunded. 

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