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 How long before a flight should I be at the airport Lufthansa?

How long before a flight should I be at the airport Lufthansa?

If you are traveling on a Lufthansa flight, you must get to the airport 3 hours before the departure time of the scheduled flight. To avoid any inconvenience before boarding the flight, you must have sufficient time for all the airport routine procedures, from security checks at the gate, collecting the boarding pass, check-in in your luggage, and reaching the terminal for Lufthansa.

What time does Lufthansa's check-in desk open?

If you have decided to do the check-in formalities for a Lufthansa flight at the airport, you will find the Lufthansa counter opens approx 4 hours before the departure of the scheduled flight, and it closes the check-ins 90 minutes before the departure.

For further information, please call Lufthansa customer service or use the Live chat facility to know the reporting hours for your Lufthansa flight.

How many hours before is web check-in for Lufthansa?

If you are traveling with Lufthansa and want to do a web check-in for the scheduled flight, you can do it 23 hours before the departure of the Lufthansa flight. On web check-in, you can select your preferred seat from the available seat map of the scheduled flight, and after the check-in, you will receive the boarding pass.

For web check-in, do the steps below:

  • Go to Lufthansa's official website from a browser or use the Lufthansa app from the mobile
  • You will see the check-in tab if you scroll down to the end of the homepage
  • Click on the check-in
  • You will reach the page with the term ‘all you need to know about check-in.’
  • Click on check-in directly online
  • Enter your booking reference or ticket number and last name
  • Go ahead with the check-in procedure 
  • Get confirmation on your email and SMS for the web check-in.

What are the different modes to check in at Lufthansa?

There are various ways for check-in for a Lufthansa Flight. Read the information below to know about different check-in modes:

  • Online check-in: This can be done 23 hours prior to the departure of the scheduled flight. Lufthansa always encourages passengers to do the check in through the web, as it saves a lot of time for the passenger at the airport and further makes the journey easy. One more advantage of web check-in is you can select your desired seat on the Lufthansa flight.
  • Airport check-in: You can reach the airport 2-3 hours before the scheduled flight, go to a Lufthansa counter, and complete the check-in process.
  • Mobile check-in: Download the Lufthansa app, and do check in through the app for the scheduled flight.
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