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Flight Compensation for Delayed & Cancelled Flights

Compensation policy for the flight delayed cancelled and delayed?

Once in a lifetime, we all have cribbed over flight getting delayed or cancelled because of bad weather or maybe strike of the cabin crew. Flight arrival or departure getting disturbed because of any of the above reasons might be annoying. Everyday a lot of flights get cancelled and airlines get the inconvenience caused to the customers. And the authority also tries making up for the loss with the help of delayed flight compensation.

What to do once your flight gets delayed or cancelled? 

Both are two different situations in which the kind of compensation provided by the airline is also different. Thus to understand it even better, tap below. 

Flight Compensation for Delayed Flights

When a flight gets Delayed 

  1. Basically, whenever any unfavourable condition affects the schedule of flights, the airline tries to delaying the flight instead of cancelling. And airline tries giving different options to the passengers according to their convenience. Hence to find out, tap below. 
  2. If you have already reached the airport and got your boarding pass but the flight gets delayed. In such cases for flight getting delayed for more than two hours will be subjected to free meals from the airline. 
  3. For the flights getting delayed more than that, you can get your flight cancelled and claim the refund for the unused part of the ticket. 
  4. Or airline will try to re-adjust all the passengers in the next available flight. If in case the next available flight is more than 24 hours later, then the airline will provide free hotel accommodation for the passengers. 

Flight Compensation for Cancelled Flights

Flight getting cancelled 

  1. If the flight is repetitively getting delayed back to back then in such case airline cancels the entire flight only. The conditions for the flight compensation fall under the following given details.
  2. If the airline informs you about your flight getting cancelled between 2 weeks and 24 hours before flight departure then you can claim your full refund without any deduction 
  3. Similarly, if the airline does not inform you about the flight and cancels at the last moment then, in that case, you can claim for the refund or it becomes the responsibility of the airline to manage another flight for you. 

And hence with the help of above-given rules, one can easily get decent compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight. And if you face any issue while applying for the compensation then contact the customer care team of the airline. 


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