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How to Contact Lufthansa Airlines Philadelphia Airport?

Philadelphia Airport is the major airport serving Pennsylvania that is known to provide flights to more than 120 international destinations. The airport is known to provide flights from different air carriers. Lufthansa Airlines has recently resumed its flight services from Philadelphia Airport. If you have decided to travel to any selected destination via Lufthansa and you want Philadelphia airport as your boarding point, then you can connect with customer services and get all the information available in advance. If you are confused regarding “How to Contact Lufthansa Airlines Philadelphia airport?” Then, you can make use of the important details described below: 

Lufthansa Airlines Philadelphia Airport Phone Number

  • Philadelphia Airport's official website:
  • Lufthansa Airlines website:
  • Airport code: PHL
  • Customer service phone number: 215-937-6937 /1-810-645-3890
  • Working hours: 9 am to 5 pm. 
  • Customer services email address:
  • Parking phone number: 215-683-9842
  • Parking email address:
  • Lost and found phone number: 215-937-6888
  • Lost and found email address:

Different communication approaches to contact Lufthansa Airlines at Philadelphia Airport:

Those travelers who have made up their decision to board Lufthansa flights from Philadelphia airport and wish to get through customer services either to accumulate any information or to terminate any problem can utilize any of the modes given below: 

Get through Lufthansa at Philadelphia via phone: 

There are many travelers who are in need of live assistance. They can call customer services by using Lufthansa Airlines Philadelphia airport phone number: 1-810-645-3890 / 215-937-6937 now they simply select a language and follow up with all the instructions. Finally, when they come in contact with live representatives, they can expect a solution in the shortest while after discussing the problem. 

Send an email to Philadelphia Airport: 

Travelers sometimes wish to receive assistance and cannot get connected by calling. They can drop an email to Philadelphia Airport. The query or issue must be drafted in short and sent to; customers must also link all the essential copies of travel documents. To receive responses, customers must wait up to 24 hours. 

Send a letter to Philadelphia Airport: 

There are many travelers who do not wish to connect with customer services to get any information but want corresponding assistance to get away with their travel problems. They can write their problem framing letter, mention documents to support concerns, and send it to:

8500 Essington Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19153

What Terminal is Lufthansa at Philadelphia airport? 

Most Lufthansa flights operate from Terminal D at Philadelphia Airport. Travelers who have upcoming reservations can reach this Terminal at least 2-4 hours ahead of the scheduled departure time. Though there can be chances that lead the airport to change Terminals at the last moment, travelers must always contact or check operating terminal information before leaving for the airport. 

How early should I arrive at the Philadelphia airport?

Since a number of travelers travel via Philadelphia Airport, therefore, it is always advisable that passengers reach the airport on time. If you have a domestic flight to catch, then you must reach the airport at least two hours before your flight departure. On the other hand, for international destinations, a 4-hour margin must be kept by the passengers. 

What services are provided by Lufthansa Airlines Philadelphia airport?

There are numerous services that are available at Philadelphia Airport to provide a world-class experience to passengers. If you are confused about the same, then some of the services you can expect while boarding Lufthansa's upcoming flight are as follows:

  • Lounge services.
  • ATMs are available at the airport premises.
  • A large parking area is maintained to park own vehicles.
  • Free WIFI services are available for the travelers.
  • Cell Phone lots are available.
  • Travelers are provided with shuttle bus services experience.
  • They can dine and wait at restaurants and cafes available at the airport, etc. 
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