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How do I Contact Delta Airlines Kona International Airport? (KOA)

If a person from Hawaii has booked a Delta Airline flight, which has a scheduled departure from Kona International Airport, they are worried about some flight check-in guidelines and the rules to enter the airport before departure. People want to contact the Delta Airlines live representative at Kona International Airport to communicate their issues and problems. By using this information, people from Hawaii will be eligible to reach Delta Airlines live officials at Kona International Airport since it contains factual contact details of Delta Airlines flights.

Delta Airlines Kona International Airport phone number

Here, for passenger assistance, Delta Airlines provides their customer service number on which their agents are available 24/7 on call at Kona International Airport. 

  • Delta Airline customer service number: (800) 221-1212
  • Delta Airlines Kona International Airport phone number: +1 808-327-9520 / 1-802-400-2642

Other phone numbers at Kona International Airport:

  • To contact the airport suggestion hotline: 1-888-697-7813 / 1-802-400-2642
  • To contact airport security: (808) 329-5073
  • To contact the AMPCO parking: (808) 329-5404
  • To contact the lost and found department: (808) 329-5073

Airport Name: Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport

Airport code: KOA

Airport Address: 73-200 Kupipi St, Kalaoa, HI 96740, United States

Official website links:

  • Delta Airline:
  • Kona International Airport:

What terminal is Delta at KOA airport? 

People having a scheduled ticket with Delta Airlines flights might be confused and curious about the Delta Airlines designated terminal since they will board their flight soon. So, at Kona International Airport, Delta Airlines operates their flight departure and arrival at Terminal A, wherein they also provide various services and facilities to the passengers.

  • Delta Airline passengers can go to ATMs and banks to get the cash and for currency exchange.
  • Passengers can go to the help desk at Terminal A to discuss any of their issues.
  • Travelers can also go to the boarding lounges to wait for their departure.
  • People can also visit the check-in counter.

KOA Airport Check-In Delta Airlines

Whoever wants to check in for their reservation ticket with Delta Airline at Kona International Airport can read the information below to learn the methods for flight check-in:

  • Web check-in: People can also do online check-in, which starts 24 hours from flight departure time via the Delta Airline website or its mobile application, wherein you will need to enter your reservation details and then follow the online steps to complete the process.
  • Kiosk check-in: Passengers can use the kiosk machine at the airport at the main terminal to make their flight check-in.
  • Check-in via Delta Airlines ticket counter: The airline representatives are at the ticket counter in the main terminal, assisting travelers with flight check-in and other queries.

How To Make Payments To Delta Airlines At Kona Airport?

Whoever passenger of Delta Airline flights is trying to make payment at the airport can use the various ways to make the payment at Kona International Airport, some of which are given below:

  • Online payment: If a person is trying to pay the cost of any services via net banking, he must use a credit or debit card.
  • Payment on the phone: People can also pay by contacting the airline's customer service department.
  • Payment at the airport: Passengers who prefer to make payment in person can visit the Delta Airlines ticket counter or help desk at the Kona International Airport.
  • Make payment by mail: People who receive a bill or statement regarding any receipt from Delta Airline flights can send a check or pay online or can send money to the provided address on the statement or bill.

Seat Upgrade Or Route Change Delta Airlines KOA Kona Airport 

Read various options to upgrade seat or change route:

  • Online: People can manage Delta Airlines reservation tickets online via the airline's official website or the Fly Delta mobile app, on which they need to log in to their account and then go to their reservation ticket. After that, the passenger must select the "change seat or change flight" option according to their plan and follow the screen instructions to complete the process.
  • Phone call: Passengers are also eligible to make a seat upgrade or change their travel route on a call with the Delta Airlines representative, and then they need to follow the prompts to connect with the agent who will help them to make their desired changes.
  • Ticket counter at the airport: Passengers who are at the airport and want to upgrade their seats or change their route can visit the ticket counter of Delta Airlines at Terminal A.


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